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Cheap and Easy mods and accessories for the FrSky Taranis X9D


Being myself a happy owner of the Taranis X9D+, I was looking for ways to easily modify it so that it stands out from all the other transmitters.

"Everyone" has one -or should have one- and that is a good thing. The FrSky Taranis X9D Plus is an awesome transmitter for the price, with endless capabilities and fairly good build quality overall.

It looks very nice also but.. why not make it far more better looking and most importantly.. UNIQUE?
Just think of a theme, make smart choices and combinations of the various components, a few easy DIY modifications and you are set!

You can check the complete video here:

Items and accessories used in this video:

Switch nut sets (various colors and options): https://goo.gl/j4dTVS
or https://goo.gl/A8OifG
or https://goo.gl/hc2uwl

Gimbal sticks M3 (various colors, lengths and designs): https://goo.gl/3SGJ6w
or https://goo.gl/MNc4J6
or something more pricey https://goo.gl/zGDwCt

Silicone switch sleeves (various colors): https://goo.gl/jPjuYQ
or https://goo.gl/BN69JT

Transmitter balancer: https://goo.gl/tEiEUF
or https://goo.gl/IhJ8aY
or https://goo.gl/I6d12h

Transmitter stand: https://goo.gl/ztLv32
or https://goo.gl/YJJh3s
or other design https://goo.gl/ndUr3t

Expandable braided cable sleeve, something in the range of 2-3mm will do (various colors): https://goo.gl/kGHSZq

Adhesive heat shrink: https://goo.gl/Uov32z

Gimbal protectors (various colors and sizes): https://goo.gl/7amm8E
or https://goo.gl/ADYlJU
or the Rotor Riot styled ones https://goo.gl/Iy35kZ

Silicone bottle holder (various colors):

And of course the transmitter itself: https://goo.gl/xk5Zlz
or https://goo.gl/vmtidg

As for my upcoming mods, here are my thoughts.. I would love to hear your opinion!

Hydro-dipped shell: https://goo.gl/unYc8a
The black and white one "type C" looks very nice and I think it will fit the overall theme perfectly - what do you think? Let me know!

Larger gimbal sticks (10mm diameter): https://goo.gl/Va0Wah
or https://goo.gl/tfNq3g
There are some very nice designs of sticks but very few in orange color. I like this set from Hawk Creations a lot - do you like it as well? Help me decide:)

Hall-effect gimbals: https://goo.gl/ANxqA1
This looks to be a very good upgrade to the Taranis X9D+ and comes at a good price. So far feedback is positive and everyone seems to be waiting for them to come back in stock - should I go for it? Some swear by good quality pots but these hall-effect gimbals should certainly be an improvement, compared to the stock gimbals of the Taranis X9D. What is your opinion?
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