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  1. A

    Any DSM2/DSMX rx for multirotors?

    Wanna build a racing drone recently, having an Orangerx T-6, dont wanna buy a new one. Any good rx recommendation that is suitable for T-6?
  2. B

    Joining from MA

    Hey everyone! I've been watching FliteTest for as long as I can remember, and in my opinion, it has to be the only channel with consistently good content. I've finally decided to join the forums at the end of this summer (arggh here comes high school), knowing that the community will definitely...
  3. C

    A New type of flying concept....

    I love trains, and in the train world, we do things called "op sessions". What you do in op sessions, is Pretty much realistic operations of trains. like a dispatcher contacts the engineer of that train to tell the engineer what to do (that could be in a form of signals, or manual radio...
  4. L

    Naze 32 - No Throttle/Roll/Pitch/Yaw Inputs

    I've watched the FT Naze 32 board setup video (for the 10th time) and wanted to ask for assistance. I'm trying to setup my new Naze Acro board on my quadcopter. I went through all the steps in the video but cannot get my throttle, roll, pitch and yaw signals from my receiver to register with...
  5. StoneKap

    Rotor Riot - Chad's NEW SHOW!!

    Rotor Riot It's like Top Gear but with multirotors! Ok, I get this question all the time... Chad, what are you doing next? Well this is it. This is the ground floor. Development starts today! Q: How is it different than Flite Test? A: Rotor Riot is a YouTube show focused on expert level...
  6. U

    FT "Deathmatch Fighter", and multicopter configuration guide

    Hey all, new FT forums member here. No RC plane experience, but I have a toy-grade heli and a pair of Nano QX Multicopters I'm learning to fly, and I have loved RC cars and other surface transit stuff all my life. I'm probably going to get a plane when the weather gets a little nicer, and I'm...
  7. J

    eBay multirotors kits

    Hello everyone, I was looking into mini quads and this pop into the screen and I wonder if they are good. Can with this configuration I carry a gopro or bigger batteries? And those kits are fine or is better go to Hobbyking and get everything separately...
  8. G

    Proto-X FPV flight time?

    Hi everyone, I am looking into getting into FPV and I was wondering if anyone knew what the flight time on the Proto-X FPV is? Thanks!
  9. S

    Electrohub Problems

    i have had the electrohub frame for ages but only at christmas i got the electronics. I got the KK2 board with it and being new to multirotors i had to watch many videos to program it. I still havent figured out the mixing and have ordered a Flip 1.5 multiwii. I have been running it up with...
  10. R

    Multirotor Simulators

    Hi guys, does any one know if there are any multirotor simulators available?
  11. A

    Battery on FPV Setup

    So I'm an FPV noob. Here's my question. I want to run my FPV equipment off of the same flight battery that flies my multirotor. What size battery will I need to step up to to run both and have a decent flight time? Flight setup Bat Bone tricopter Suppo 2208-14 motors 3s 2200mAh 20C battery...
  12. themajik1

    GoPro is going to make a multi!

    Looks like someone got upset that DJI is sourcing their cameras somewhere other than GoPro! http://gizmodo.com/wsj-gopro-is-going-to-make-its-own-drones-1663738793 Should be interesting!
  13. BabyBrit

    Beginner Series for MultiRotors

    Flitetest, I am coming back into the hobby thanks to your fun, easy and inexpensive concepts on RC flight. Thank you so much for all you do and allowing me to have a resource to follow along with on my journey. I have been so inspired by the community that i have been able to create some really...
  14. W

    CHALLENGE: Build a flying platform and launch a plane

    Attach multiple rotors to any surface to create a large flying platform. Build a release system and launch a small plane from the platform. Bonus points for cool extras like floating, cameras, heli pad, and a rubber band to assist launching the plane.
  15. T

    Need help with my Bat Bone build. Won't hover.

    I need some help with my Bat Bone tricopter. This is one of my 1st builds and I'm new to most of this. I can't get it to hover or fly straight up and down. I'm not sure if I missed something small or it's the settings. Is it something with the ESC or just vibration? I did the ACC calibration on...
  16. L

    Knuckle H-quad kk2.1 tips???

    Hi Im building a Knuckle H-quad, this is my first aircraft build. I am still waiting for my esc's and motors to come in the mail. The only thing i have doubts about is what configuration i need to chose on my kk2.1 board (X, H6, H4???). I also don't know what settings i need for roll/pitch, yaw...
  17. S

    What is the range of quadcoptors

    I am new to flight tests. I am exploring to build a quadcopter for testing. what is the maximum range that can be achieved by these multirotors. what should be the configuration of the quadcopter to carry a payload 1 Kilogram( 2.2 lbs. ) to achieve maximum range.