A New type of flying concept....


I love trains, and in the train world, we do things called "op sessions".

What you do in op sessions, is Pretty much realistic operations of trains. like a dispatcher contacts the engineer of that train to tell the engineer what to do (that could be in a form of signals, or manual radio communications).

What if we multirotor pilots do something similar but with drones. Like an ATC will control the movements of planes, they can control the movement of drones. I think it could be a new flying style for more serious pilots, and can be fun.

Communications: There are 2 ways that we can communicate with ATC and the pilots.

Option 1: we can use a handheld walkee talkee to communicate, although pilots will need a "co-pilot" to handle radio communications. Option 2: If you are close enough to ATC, you can just shout across to each other.

Option 1 is the best if you have too many people in your group. This will not be an operation to dodge manned aircraft. This is for fun purposes, and for flying in a park, or your backyard. remember, you must be 5 miles away from an airport, and the max you can fly is 400 feet high.

This is just a concept, and may or may not happen. If you guys like this idea, please help support it.

Thanks for reading!

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I think some version of this could be fun at an event like Flite Fest. Sort of a noon time demo.