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F550 Naza M-lite jumps on gps and atti


Last week a upgraded my f550 form LibrePilot Revo to Naza M-lite and the atti and gps mode seams weard. Jumps sometimes, then stay perfect on the atti and next start to jups again couple of times. I record my flight so everyone can watch that and help me with that. Before i upgrade form Revo the f550 fly perfect but i need better gps and RTH. The firmware is te newest i can download from assistant.
There is my gain
Bez tytułu.png
The mounting settings
Bez tytułu1.png
And all settings on main tab
Bez tytułu2.png
And the video shows that weard behavior


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Hopefully someone with more experience with those flight controllers will come with good suggestions, but in my experience vibrations can really confuse them, especially when you add on more sensors. It becomes a challenge for the software and hardware to filter out all the competing noise. Did you not only balance the props and motors, but do them dynamically as well?

Once vibrations are reduced to the lowest levels, then you can more properly tune. I'm not familiar with Naza tuning, but suspect it is the same as with other multimeters. Does it have an auto tune feature?
I balance motor and prop separetly, then alltogether on the hex, no vibration. Now i will try to fit this on f450 because i recently change 2 motors.
Today i put together the same motor, esc, frame, battery, reciver, props but this time i use my spare Naze32 rev6 with navi firmaware and gps. The multirotor fly way better then 4 times expensive Naza. Now i know that the problem is not my gear but crappy FC.
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I found what cause that. The one pad on esc delaminate from pcb and cause little lack of pulse for a couple of milisecounds. If anyone have the same problem thats your answer. I build a lot of quad and found that i need to check simple things before i tearapart all multirotor.


Winter is coming
Ah nice job trouble shooting your problem. Yes, it's always too easy to not check the details resulting in a lot of time spinning without progress.