Are the servos in Power Pack B digital or analog? Is the Nutball kit sold separately?



A couple questions:

Are the servos in the Power Pack B digital or analog?

Is the Nutball die-cut kit sold separately or just as part of the 3-pack?

(And one more, unrelated, question, in case you know: At the Flite Test store, once you have an item in the shopping cart, how do you remove/delete it?)



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Pretty sure they are analog servos in all the power packs. I'm not seeing the nutball kit separately on the store, but I don't think you could ask for an easier scratch build :)

To remove items from your basket, go to the "View Basket" area and either change the quantity to zero, or click the X at the end of the line.


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All the servos are analog. Digital servos are more expensive and you WONT find them on the Flight Test Store power packs. They do sell some digital servos though.
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I'm pretty sure all of their 5 grams servos are digital. But the 9 grams are analog. Don't know off hand if any of the power pack kits come with 5 gram servos or not.


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nutball is the the easiest scratch build you could imagine... if you want to make it the easiest scratchbuild ever pick up the 5 pack of power pods...

that being said the 3 pack is great... easy to build, easy to fly and fun... honestly I bought them mostly because I didn't want to cut/build/make a firewall...