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New OrangeRx R620X V2 6Ch Sbus Receiver/ Maybe

I cant get my V2 R620 to work with my DX6i. It will bind but on cleanflight receiver tab it does nothing.
Using naze 32 with rx serial made and sbus serial recevier provider and the rx one uart2 on
receiver is Sbus
What should I do?:mad:
As far as I know/see in your pictures, you have the correct settings for sbus. But a spektrum tx rx setup that outputs sbus is new to me. How is it wired to your naze?

With my frsky rx's running sbus, i have the signal wire connected to the U2RX/4 pin on my naze.
I also tried to switch to cppm and that didn't work as well and I tried it with another reciver with ppm and it workes so not naze32


Senior Member
Did you use the ZYX s-bus adapter for connecting the Rx to naze? And where did you connect your leads on the Rx? Put up a pic of how you did it maybe...