1. R

    Help! what motor to use in this plane

    I need help with a clipped wing Mono coup balsa and covered no foam weight empty 1.5 LB's 36 " wing what size prop and motor can I use with a 3S 1300 lipo battery ? I wanted to use the maximum amount of power that I can. I do not want a floater?
  2. IMG_20190202_124339.jpg


    put old tri blade on spit think its a nine inch prety sure it would fly with it
  3. H


    Hello, I'm building a Hexacopter and bought a set of 6 motors. The motors came with prop adapters, but I need to get 3 CCW adapters. The problem is I have no idea how to buy prop adapters. Thanks in advance! Motor...
  4. D

    Ailerons - two servos one input

    Hello all. I have been looking all over flite and YouTube to find out how am I supposed to connect two servos to one aileron input on my 6 channel spectrum receiver. Do I need to buy yet another Y harness for these? Or am I supposed to use another input and configure it in the mix of...
  5. E

    Propellers, Props, or as I call them "Plastic Sticks I can break!"

    Hello all, Very new to all this, and have downloaded and printed some plans. I've previously built a Nutball and FT Flyer. Although a licensed pilot, I seem to like to land prop first in these RC planes.:black_eyed: Having bought a bunch of props initially, I am trying to figure out which are...
  6. M

    Multirotor Aerodynamic Modelling by NASA

    I came across this yesterday researching something else. Really very cool. Pay attention to the high pressure (red) caused by the props passing over the airframe. The swirling (gray) turbulent air is quite cool...
  7. F

    attaching propeller to motor

    Just as the title dictates, how are you guys attaching your propellers to the motors? I have been using m3 nylon nuts on the shaft of my motors.I don't really like the idea tho. This is the motor I am...
  8. Planiac01

    FT Mini Speedster Hardware

    Hi, Flitetest! I am considering getting a Mini Speedster, but I can only find 5x3 props on hobbyking. However, it is recommended to use 6x3 props on the speedster. Does anyone know if 5x3 props will work?
  9. C

    Most Reliable/Best Brand of Props?

    It won't be long before I'll need to buy the first set of props for my quad build and there are so many options out there I'm spoiled for choice (building a Tarot Ironman 650 with NTM Prop Drive 28-30S 800KVs). In the past wood has always been my favorite for glow models, but after doing some...
  10. Techno

    Prop Problems:

    Today I went to my field, assembled my plane, and throttled up. Then the prop saver's rubber band flew off into some grass. Does anyone know why it came off, or if I am doing something wrong?
  11. H

    Most cost effective 8x4 props?

    Sorry if this has been discussed, I tried to search but this forum is huge. I'm a noob so this is in reference to the beginner speed build kits which I've been using as templates. It turns out that prop savers can't save props from straight nose dives. What's the most cost-effective prop setup...