1. R

    electrohub, bendy props or tuning issue?

    Hi everyone. I've got a electrohub and so far it's been great. However recently It's been dipping on the front right motor when under high power. When I slam the throttle, it's almost like it wants to roll over until I back off. I'm not sure weather it's always done this, because I've only just...
  2. Z

    Noob in need of help: Two different props

    Hey! I just bought my first racing quad. Im a total noob to stuff like this, but I broke but 2 of my 5030 props. I have a ton of 6040 props, but they dont fit on the front of the quad, but they fit fine on the back to motors. I was wondering if it is possible to put 2 5030s in the front and...
  3. N


    Hi Flitetest Crew, I am new to this mini quad stuff and have just brought a nighthawk pro 280 ARF but I am a little bit confused with which props to use. I brought some DAL 5045 Bullnose props with it. Can I use this will my 3S batteries or not? Any help would be great Thanks!!! NuminousFPV
  4. Snarls

    DAL "Indestructable" Props Question

    Lately I have been breaking quite a few props doing freestyle FPV. The Gemfan 6045s are nice and cheap, but they have separated mid flight on me twice and they break pretty easily. I've been pointed to the DAL "indestructible props" from surveillzone multiple times, but heard they don't have as...
  5. J

    bulk 5x3 props for mini quads (100 props for $30) *new link* that should help alot of people either 80 props for $35 or 200...
  6. pinpoint45

    good 8 inch Prop for Versa pusher (powerpack B) ?

    I'm looking to build a versa pusher by the end of this month and I have everything pretty much sorted, except I am not sure what to purchase in the way of props. i know it has to be 8 inches. I want to be sure i get the right type and from a quality manufacturer. do you have any suggestions...
  7. P

    Prop Advice - Wood, Plastic, or Carbon Fiber

    I recently built a hexacopter intended for shooting aerial video. It's not complete yet, but the few test I've done with it(strapping a camera to it with rubber bands) show that there is an excessive amount of vibrations. I'm still in the process of building the gimbal. I have balanced all my...
  8. N

    Single to "T-Motor" style props

    Hello all and happy Friday! Engineering question; I have these motors They are great but they have a built in single hole prop mount and when using bigger props (> 12...
  9. LandBasedMammal

    Tiny trainer power options

    Hey Flite Test fans, I'm looking for opinions on the many choices of power packs and components for the Tiny Trainer. I would just order from Altitude Hobbies but they have been out of stock for a while...these kits are super popular apparently:applause:. I've followed most of the links...
  10. B

    Props for 450 quad

    I have 10in props for a 450mm quad but was wondering if I could fit maybe an 11in. I think I can but would like some outside opinions.
  11. B

    Information required about props (2 vs 3 blade)

    Hi guys, I am about to start building a HK FPV250 and I have seen people with 2 blade and 3 blade props on this multirotor. I would rather just stick some 2 blade props on it as they are generally easier to come by in the event of a crash. However, would there be any benefit to having 3 blade...
  12. M

    Mounting props on inverted motors

    Hi Guys! Finishing up my first quad build, its a v tail. My vtail has the rear motors facing downwards. My question is how do I install my props on these motor in order to push air towards the ground. I know they have to go label up. Should i use CW props on a CCW motor rotation and vice /...
  13. K

    My Motor+Prop Combo Blancing with vibration meter in depth Video GUARANTEED RESULTS

    I've made an in depth video on how to balance motors and props and the combination of motors and props. Take a look let me know what you think. Motor+prop Combination balancing Video Prop Balancing Video Motor Balancing Video
  14. A

    Benefits of Carbon Fibre Props

    Hi All, I've got to the point with my 550 that I feel I'm ready for some carbon fiber props, I've not broke a prop in at least 3 flights! ;). Before I shell out my hard earned money, what are the benefits of using carbon fiber props? Thanks Aran
  15. B

    Quad Flying issues.

    Hi, I have built my first RC quad copter in hopes for it to fly. When i went outside to fly it I unfortunately found it was not flying. I put the throttle up all the way and it didn't even come of the ground an inch. I also noticed the nose cone which hold the prop on the motor is coming of. It...
  16. amtpdb1

    prop motor combinations you have used

    It would be nice to have a listing of different prop/motor combination that have been used and how they worked. I am buying motors and props for the new planes, but don't know what to buy. In the videos it seems that sometimes they use a different prop/motor combination then is suggested. There...