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  1. C

    Can I use a fpv camera switcher on the 350qx3?

    I have a 350qx3 with a gopro gimbal hooked up to control from my dx8. The quad has two servo connectors in it and one is occupied with the gimbal. So my question is could I control another device like a servo along with the gimbal at the same time? Thx.
  2. J

    Question for Flite Test

    I noticed that you buy a lot of your equipment from hobbyking, such as servos and receivers. I went on the website and found the prices good, but when I tried to order something it took me to a foreign website to put in my credit card info. Is this normal? I would love to purchase from the...
  3. A

    FT viggen question

    Will the FT viggen be able to hold this motor? http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/%5F%5F49489%5F%5FDr%5FMad%5FThrust%5F70mm%5F11%5FBlade%5FAlloy%5FEDF%5F1900kv%5FMotor%5F1900watt%5F6S%5F.html It seems like the thrust is too high, will the frame hold up?
  4. R

    Does a DX4E and AR400 ALONE work with the Twin Engine planes AND power packs here?

    Does a DX4E and AR400 ALONE work with the Twin Engine planes AND power packs here? Just wondering, i might buy one :D
  5. D

    Charger - Battery question HELP I AM NEWBIE PILOT

    I bought a charger off amazon for my plane I am building (first ever) and I noticed the charger says "5-10 cell universal charger" but my battery is a 7.4 2 cell Lipo. Can I get away from this with this or will it literally blow up in my face? P.S. it's not that bad if I need to get another...
  6. BanditJacksRC

    FT-22 Raptor Build - and Questions From a Newbie!

    I build a Storch last week, and took it out for my first RC flight ever. After about 3 or 4 minutes of flying around, it took a pretty good tumble. All the damage was fixed the next day, but decided I wanted something a little smaller to lug around. (plus my work area isn't all that big) This...
  7. abelhijazi

    I'm so into RC

    Dear all, I really started to hate myself, I can't stop googling multirotors, rc planes, FPV stuff ... when i hold my phone, I hashtag search #DJI #Drones #multirotors #quads #hquad and whatever My wife started to hate this hobby because it is taking a lot from my time with her .. and I'm...
  8. M

    Long flights with multirotor

    Hello guys! I want a multirotor with a long flight time, and the ability to do FPV. The multirotor can be tricopter, quadcopter or hexacopter. The main focus is long flight times. I was wondering what electronics I should use, and what frame? (I can scratchbuild) I got some electronics like FPV...
  9. R

    Which antennas will work together?

    I'm new to the forums and would like to get into FPV I saw a kit on ready-made RC that has everything you need to get into FPV you have several options on what type of antenna you can get in I was wondering which RX antennas would be compatible with which TX antennas. The default antenna for the...
  10. jsut210

    Servo Suggestions For SPAD Stick

    Hello, I am just not starting to get the parts in order for my next build. I'm planning to use a Ryobi 31cc engine that I've converted and throw it on this: http://www.spadtothebone.org/PDF/Ultra%20Spad%20Stick.pdf . My question is about the servos that I should use. At first I was looking...
  11. Brendan-ATL

    Tail Heavy Simple Soarer

    I recently bought an FT Simple Soarer speed build kit. I also ordered a Lazertoyz blue wonder powerpack. The glider got here quick and was simple to put together. However the power pack was on back order so i used some old servos from a Honey Bee King 3 RC helicopter i had laying around. this...
  12. T

    Nutball 35MHz controller, will it work?

    Hi! I'm completely new to this hobby and are planning on making my absolute first airplane, the Flite Test-style Nutball. The thing is that I have a simple RC airplane controller I got when I bought my first airplane. It's a 4-channel controller, and it is using 35,08MHz. I want to use this...
  13. L

    quadcopter motor position question

    Hello, i am woundering what order the motors should be plugged in on the hobbyking v3 blueboard
  14. B

    How to help batteries under 0 degrees...

    Hi everyone, Does someone know what I could do to help the batteries on winter time. I want to fly but at -20 celcius it's a bit hard on the batteries... Should I make a hot sleeve or anything similar?