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  1. thatfpvkid

    Qav-Build Motor/yaw Glitch

    Recently, I completed a Qav-R build using EMAX RS2205 2600kv motors, Littlebee 4in1 blheli esc, and a naze32 rev6. After the build, we were able to get it in the air with one catch. In the half throttle range (around hover) it is very jumpy. It tends to sound like a motor is skipping or...
  2. R

    Exploring nature FPV freestyle

    We went back to this beautiful place!
  3. M

    Quad setup question.

    Hi I have seen somewhere that you can program your quad to have about 10% throttle at the low stick position so that you can still have control. I have looked everywhere I could think of and cant find anything on this. Is there anyone that know how to do this or where I might be able to find...
  4. R

    Tree dancing FPV freestyle!

    The weather finally cleared up here in the Netherlands!
  5. R

    Autumn Sun FPV freestyle

  6. BOT Bob

    This is my first flight! My aunt's dog joined in

  7. landedit

    So I want to make a fast plane...

    I need someone to explain KV to me. Keep it simple. Ive read the technical definition and understood very little. Act as if Im five :P Also, Id like to keep it in the traditional electric motors. No etf rocket jet type motors :)
  8. A

    New video keeping it fast

    Please like my page and share the video and watch it in HD to get the full experience https://www.facebook.com/jrfpv/videos/268927606808724/
  9. A

    Fpv fun plus check out my channel

    Hey guys please come check out my fpv and acro/los channel on multirotor so and other rc stuff. https://youtu.be/rwyGzMZMZeY
  10. B

    What motor/ESCs do you recommend for ball ripping FPV quad racing/freestyling fun?

    FPV quads have changed my life. I started with a Versacopter 2.0 with MT2204 2300KV 12A simonK ESCs, and rebuilded my quad on a Reptile Martian 255 frame am looking for the one and done (for now) upgrade for my motors and ESCs. I drool over videos of guys like this...
  11. I

    Freestyle "Courtyard Wave"

    This is some fun I had one morning, hope you enjoy sub if you want, I post every Thursday
  12. Snarls

    PAL vs NTSC for FPV Racing

    I hate to start another PAL vs NTSC debate, but this is mainly limited to fpv racing. I get that PAL and NTSC is like Europe vs US standards, but with current FPV equipment compatibility with both is now common. So if you're flying fast and reacting quickly, what format is best? It looks like...
  13. Rasterize

    Help Me Win an FPV Racing Quad! I just need your vote!

    Hi everyone! I would like to please ask a favor of you. I entered an art contest on RCGroups (yes, that "other" RC forum) to win an FPV racing quad. However it's based on members voting and I have fewer friends over there than here on the Flite Test forums. What can I say, I just spend most of...
  14. B

    700mm Quad Racing? Thoughts?

    Hey Everyone! I have been developing a new 250mm Racing Quad and I wanted to reach out to everyone at Flite Test about a possible addition to the drone racing concept. What if we as a community started to develop 700mm Racing Quads?! The little ones are fast, but imagine if you lightened a big...
  15. C

    A New type of flying concept....

    I love trains, and in the train world, we do things called "op sessions". What you do in op sessions, is Pretty much realistic operations of trains. like a dispatcher contacts the engineer of that train to tell the engineer what to do (that could be in a form of signals, or manual radio...
  16. jhitesma

    dRonin - No longer just for the brave

    Ok, so as many of you here already know I've been helping out (as best I can - mostly by crashing my stuff) with the dRonin project. Well, last night we released our first public stable release: The official website is up at: http://www.dRonin.org We're also working on a social media...
  17. A

    check my new video and please subscribe

    video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QryRlkw5zmo :cool: Please like and subscribe, and share this video and go check out bolt rc link http://boltrc.com/ Quad Gear NEW go-pro hero 4 session 2206-2350kv pilot alex genovese jr supplier bolt rc http://boltrc.com/ quad bolt 250 esc-little...
  18. A

    Hey Guys Check Out My New Sunset Video

    video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESPVyWcy_Nc&feature=youtu.be Please like and subscribe, and share this video and go check out bolt rc link http://boltrc.com/ Quad Gear NEW go-pro hero 4 session 2206-2350kv pilot alex genovese jr supplier bolt rc http://boltrc.com/ quad bolt 250...
  19. A

    hey guys got a new hero 4 session come have a look

    hey guys please have a look at my new video of me flying my bolt 250 with the new hero 4 session. please like and subscribe and share this video. link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGIr5P-bkik
  20. eagle4

    TBRC Wings is having a massive Post Christmas sale! TBRC60 and Reflex38

    Hey gang, I'm here to let you know that TBRC Wings is having a massive sale for 1 week only www.tbrcwings.com The TBRC60 has been featured on a flitetest episode when they were flying in France. It's an amazingly stable plane with great slow speed and high speed characterFishSticks. The TBRC...