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HELP--Racing Quad Build

What size quad should I build?

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Hi all,

First off I put a poll up to help decide what size frame to get.

I'm looking to possibly build a mini racer, but I'm not sure what components to get. Preferably, I would like one that is around 100mm, and durable so when I crash there is a less chance of breaking things. :)

I might go a bit bigger so I can support 5" props--I have some DJI credit that I can use for their snail motors, but I am not sure if they are good/reliable...

I also have some 3c 1300mah batteries around. What size quad would they work with?

Thanks for the help,


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3C lipos. Please tell me that is an error.

Don't fly lipos under 2200mAh under 35C. Even then you will have performance issues as you start to learn to fly.

Have you ever flown?

If not, please consider a toy to learn on.

This little wonder taught many of us here to fly on the cheap. When you hit the lamp with this, you learn without buying a new lamp. Same with the window, the dog, the flat screen TV...

You will destroy it if you fly it. That is right and good. If you are not crashing you are not learning. That is why many of us build.

The smaller copters tend to take a whack better than larger copters. 6" props seems to be the sweet spot for speed and 5" for acro. 2" and 4" are also a lot of fun. I tend to fly 2" in the house and 4" in the yard. 6" is best with some space.

Make your decision based on where and how you fly. If you haven't yet flown, start with the toy. :)

DJI makes nice machines. If you fly DJI and if that is all you have flown, you still have a steep learning curve to learn to fly a racer. I still suggest the toy.

It's the cheapest way to learn the harshest lessons. :black_eyed:


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I think he meant 3 cell (3S).

What do you mean by racing? Do you want a fast FPV drone or something to fly in racing competitions?
For a radio, I have a Dx4e, which doesn't really work with anything. What about the Blade mQX? It looks like it flies more like an fpv racer (no auto level), but it is cheap/easy to fix? Would that work?

Thanks for the help,