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wooden power pack


Well-known member
During many crashes power packs can get beaten up very quickly. I was wondering if anyone has a laser printer file or something that matches ft power pack but that is made from wood.
I have seen them made for 3D printers if it helps? Also are you looking for the mini power pods or the big swapable power pod?


Active member
I always just glue 2 BBQ skewers butted up against the fire wall running along the bottom on the inside of the power pod. Use Bixler's method of wrapping it in some packing tape, and it'll be plenty sturdy.
The problem with wooden power pods is weight. Using light balsa wouldn't be any stronger than the Bixler method with some BBQ skewers. And the issue with 3d printing would be weight as well. Depending on the plastic you chose to print it with it could be brittle as well.

Anyway, there are things that you can do to the original power pod that will greatly increase strength without sacrificing too much weight.


New member
I have a bloody wonder with a wooden power pack, that doesn't work with any other FT planes and weight doesn't seem to be an issue. Any thoughts on carbon fiber power pack