Connecting a flysky reciever with furibee x215 pro


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Hello, my name is Griffin and I am relatively new to the fpv scene. recently I purchased a Furibee x215 pro and need to replace the current RX(a frsky xm+) with a flysky compatible one, I just have a few questions.

-Is this new RX compatible with the FC?

-How would I connect the new RX? I dont want to solder directly to the board, there is a plug on the FC that connects to the RX (as shown in picture below) and there seems to be similar plugs on the new RX(amazon screenshot below as well) but the plugs included in the new RX seem to only fit one end, would I have to splice the correct plug ends together?

-Would I set this new RX up for Ibus? I use Ibus on my other drone with a flysky reciever.

RX connection to FC (the plug i was talking about)

Plug connection to RX:

Amazon screenshot:

If you could explain this to me thoroughly, I would be forever grateful,
here's my take on what I have to do, I just wanted a second opinion:
I would splice the current plug with one of the new plugs, so I have 3 wires with the same white plug on each end. One end connects to the "ibus" terminal on the new RX and the other end goes to where the current RX is hooked up(in screenshot).
ALSO if you could include how to set up a new receiver in BetaFlight that would be great
If I have ANY of this wrong please let me know,
Thanks a million,



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Your thinking is spot on. That Rx should be compatible with your FC without any problems. The only change you'll have to make in Betaflight is from SBUS to IBUS in the configuration tab. You will also need to set up the new transmitters sub trims and endpoints. A little solder and heat shrink and you can splice the connectors in whatever configuration you need, of course making sure that your colors match :)


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Thank you so much for your input, I'm going to order the new receiver now I just needed to be sure.
Thank you again,