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scratch built

  1. zdsweet

    Taking Our Plane for a Walk - Scratch Built STOL Project

    I'll let the video do the bulk of the talking - but here's our take on proof that you don't have to build something aesthetically pleasing or even perfect to an aero engineer's standards to get it to fly well. 😁 In this case, we built a crazy light STOL plane and went and walked it on a...

    1st Master series build FT Corsair!!!!

    A friend of mine that I fly with said I should start posting build threads of some of the builds I have done recently. So I decided why not? I am a scratch builder through and through. I have only bought one or two planes total. For the corsair, I decided I want to make this thing as light as...
  3. FoamyDM

    Help! Nose gear help

    I am trying to successfully make some hand-crafted nose gear. I have tried an idea and it generally works. But it has two fail points. My attempt: I use a chop sticks for the main strut. And use landscaping wire for the angled piece which acts like a spring. I sandwich two pieces of FB with...
  4. WindWalkerFPV

    Innovative RC (New Crash/Close Call Compilation)

    Check out my Youtube channel.. It has some great fixed wing content showing scratch built designs epic crashes and RC product recommendations. Please subscribe I will be posting more crash/close call videos in the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12VjfU1DnCs&t=25s
  5. CarboardKings

    Original design 70MM EDF Jet

    Inspire by a land speed record vehicle. Something different Almost complete. 70mm EDF AAW 850 Grams
  6. Tobias Keller

    Custom built P40e with epp

    After I had built the Spitfire, I decided to build an P40e Kittyhawk. Here is my documentation of the built (mostly pictures) :D
  7. Fluburtur

    New scratch built, the R8 (still has to be named)

    So, yesterday I built another plane. It took me about 3 hours but I already have the tail and wing, I made it to carry fpv stuff but my fpv stuff will probably go into a flying wing. Here is the photo album of the making Today I went to fly it and it didn't go that well, I had both ailerons...
  8. M

    Scratch Built 58in TBM Avenger

    Hello, First off, this is my first post I have made on the FT forums. Over the past few months I have designed and built a 58in Grumman TBM-3 Avenger out of dollar tree foam board. I wanted to post as my build progressed but never got around to it thanks to school, sports, etc. So, I present to...
  9. S


    Hello there! I live at 7000FT elevation and all my FTplanes fly like a rock... my FT bushwacked weighs 490 grams W/O battery and its brushless motor is a hexTronik DT750 Brushless Outrunner 750kv and 35amp esc i also fly with a zippy 2200mah 20c.. adding more power up here is a must but i was...
  10. A

    DH-2 WW1 Pusher Biplane scratch built foam sheet build.

    RC electric semi scale model aeroplane of 1916 De Havilland DH-2 using Flite Test building technique. For 3 view scaled up drawings goto DRG link https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_ei8x6dMWOlU3lHaVUwdHdiV00&usp=sharing Goto https://youtu.be/5GmwJjam0lQ to see my RC electric semi scale...
  11. S

    Best Fpv #22 - Flying Wings, Streamers, Aerobatics, and More!

    Hey guys, here's another video of our group flying. My buddy used his mini quad to record this footage. A big thanks to him for letting me make a video out of it. Hope you guys like it!
  12. T-Richard

    Manta Ray Scratch Built RC airplane

    This gem of a plane is not made by me but, rather my uncle who I am so glad I got into the hobby It's a pretty big plane made of elmer's foamboard covered with clear packing tape, after the maiden we increased the throws, the size of the vertical fins, made a scoop for cooling the ESC and...
  13. mesolost

    FT Simple Storch OMG I'm in love

    OMG! I'm SO in love. ^_^ I'm SEVERELY limited in materials as I begin my journey into the skies so here's what I complete f'd up. The landing gear is made with coat hangars. The wheels are cut and shaped from some solid foam blocks they used to keep the parts of commercial equipment from...
  14. T

    The British Bomb Shell ugly stick

    Hi, I just made a awesome looking ugly stick that I covered in British flag duck tape. I just thought that this might be something that would be cool to share with the people of Flite Test. I am thinking about making an article so, tell me what you think;)
  15. OGBugsy

    My First FT Spitfire came out Sweet !! Scratch Built Awesomeness !!

    Just wanted to share a few pics of my FT Spitfire. I think it came out pretty sweet. Should show up nice in the bright sky. :cool: Maiden coming soon... Cheers, OGBugsy
  16. T-Richard

    A few Scratchbuilds that are not my own

    These are my uncle's designs, I am just the happy test pilot. He made chuck gliders out of balsa when i was a kid and since I showed him foamboard rc planes he's come out with a few gems. one is a shuttle that we run on 2 cell, super smooth The canard one is on a 3 cell with a 2200kv motor...
  17. T-Richard

    Newbie, pioneer flights pics and videos

    Hi guys, Wanted to share a few of my first flights. Just got into the hobby maybe 2 months ago, love the scratchbuilding. I built an ft Nutball first. I was excited to see it fly but it was pretty awful, looks great in pictures but flew poorly and broke pretty quickly. I moved on to a delta...
  18. F

    YC 14 GoPro Hero 3 onboard..

  19. S

    To Flite Test

    I noticed that none of your scratch build have used an EDF. I was curious as to if you could take on this challenge. The other scratch builds have been great planes for beginners but none for intermediate to advanced flyers. I would love to see this done because i am looking for a solid EDf jet...
  20. Formori

    First Scratch-Built Tricopter

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum (and rcgroups) but not new to RC! I've been playing with radio control cars and stuff most of my life, I currently have a Nitro T-maxx truck, an electric MiniRio boat (soon to be brushless!), a bunch of small coax heli's, and a SlowFly park flyer (mostly flown...