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A friend of mine that I fly with said I should start posting build threads of some of the builds I have done recently. So I decided why not? I am a scratch builder through and through. I have only bought one or two planes total. For the corsair, I decided I want to make this thing as light as possible. I want to be able to fly this thing with a setup similar to the ft Spear with a 1400kv 2826 turnigy motor, and a 9x5x3 blade prop. To begin, i started with cutting out the paper plans and posting it all together. Being a cheap high school senior, I used adams ready board, and some balsa strips for the spars.

Here are some pics

Some more pics will be out soon, i finished the wing late last night, and am hoping to get the painting started on the wing if the weather in Utah permits :)
I have been working tirelessly, and due to the weather i have gotten a lot done the past few days. I finished the wing last night, and will continue on the fuselage this weekend. I am going to wait to spray paint that until i have the main body finished. I honestly really love how the color on the wing has turned out so far. I hope to have this build done and dusted by next week. Stay tuned!


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That is looking really nice. It is also a plane i havent gotten around to building yet. Ill have to pay attention and learn something for when i do. :)


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make sure you align all the notches, or it's going to end like mine all crooked take you time coming really nice. once i figured i had made some mistakes on my build i just build it to see what came out. since i had to twist and bend my foamboard got all krinkled up but it looks cool.
Yeah I have kind of been rushing things a little bit. I am going to mostly spend today finishing and rounding off the edges making it more finished.


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For the paint trim, i honestly kind of want to go with that late marines/Navy corsair look with that yankee blue, and white bottom almost like this one, but with a faded blue on the sides, and then just a pure white bottom to make this as light as possible View attachment 156999
I like that color scheme and is very similar to what I did with my master series corsair. Although I used grey instead of the faded blue.

That looks great! I might actually do something like that. I have left over gray paint from a ft alpha I did about a month ago. Thanks for the pic and inspiration!
finally got the whole project finished on saturday. I had my maiden last saturday in some really windy weather, and then a great flight in on monday to get it trimed properly i made some changes to the build to make the build experience easier like moving the servos back farther to get better throw with the pushrods, and then put in a larger esc and in the future fpv for proper balance. I also had to move the motor farther up for proper balance but she still flys like a dream! Honestly a lot like the original corsair with some torque issues mostly on my part due to the power set up. For the power set up, i used 9 gram servos 40 amp esc, 1400 2826 kv motor from turnigy, and then a 9x5 3 blade prop. It honestly still flies quite well all things considering. I still need to add some more decals to get a more finished look, but i honestly kind of like that old fashioned cartoon look. Im honestly not all about that super scale appearance. But all in all really happy with this build!!