1. S

    First quad

    Hello there, I am planning on building a quadcopter in the coming weeks, but I'm a newbie at this so I just want to make sure that I don't mess up and buy parts that aren't compatible. I'm making the frame out of aluminium myself and have already started (just a simple H frame) and it will...
  2. J

    Transfering printed plans to foam board

    I would like to scratch build using the printed plans available from Flite Test but am not sure of a good technique for transferring the plans to the foam board. Is there a good explanation or video available?
  3. D

    Mini Beechcraft Baron G58 - Opinions and suggestions appreciated/wanted/needed

    First off a little background information: As you could already tell from from my name, my favorite aircraft of all time is the Beechcraft Baron G58 and I have been desperately tried to find any kind of easy to build (or to buy) foamie models of this beauty. Unfortunately, the only ones I could...
  4. Techno

    Twin Boom, Twin Engine, FPV, Cargo Plane Build Thread

    I'm going to build a plane to bring to FliteFest 2015, and I want it to be able to do everything (except combat, I'll bring something else for that) that I want to do there. I've decided that since I've got some matching motors around, I'll build a twin engine, because I haven't made a twin...
  5. B

    built a FT Nutball this morning

    So I decided to build a nutball this morn. I have yet to fly it as it's windy here at the time of posting this. Not mention yesterday when I crashed my delta i cracked the firewall, So I fabbed one out of plastic.
  6. JamesWhom

    New Twin Warbird

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to know what you think of my new Twin FPV Warbird. It flies super nice. I also fitted it with a GoPro in the cockpit and am currently fitting the FPV gear. The plan is to fly around the village and go on missions to hills across the valley, perhaps landing...
  7. T

    kinda worked...

    So after my giant fail with the f22 I build, I wanted to take a step back... So I chose the nutball since it's one of the most easy to build and fly planes out there. The build was easy but very frustrating because the shape is round everywhere and I had a hard time making everything perfectly...
  8. U

    Recovery Parachutes

    There was the episode a while back with the parachute plane, but I would love to see an episode for Heli, Multirotor, and plane pilots on recovery parachute options, for when things go too wrong to catch, and espeically for multis, since they have the glide path of a homesick rock. I know...
  9. T-Richard

    Need Ideas For Float build.

    Hi guys, I need ideas. Like many of you I have lots of planes and so I decided I'll focus on recycling this year. I want to build an aerobatic float plane. I have these I hope to integrate within turnigy 3015 1000kv motor either on 3s (up to 12 inch prop) or 4s (likely 10 inch prop)...
  10. A

    Tricopter Edit - Fun Playground flying

  11. R

    Identify The Name of This Tool(s)?

    Hello Everyone, I have attached screen caps of a tool(s) the build referred to as "1 2 3 blocks". Does anyone know if that's the actual name of these (or similar item) and where I might find them?
  12. R

    Slow Stick - My First Build -- Insights Please

    Hello Everyone I just joined the forum...and am returning to model aeronautics since flying control line planes (and building balsa wood models) back in the 60s. Having to learn a lot (electronics, etc.), but love the idea of scratch building my first plane. While wondering what to build, I...
  13. B

    Flitetest Foamboard - when will it be available ?

    Hey Guys, since Podcast #49 I´m really excited since Josh announced, that Flitetest will be selling DTF as Flitetest Foamboard. They want to sell it with various distributers. So comparable with the HK Warehouses you can order from a place nearby you (all around the world). This would be real...
  14. K

    Versa Wing converted to Funfighter

    As a result of my first Versa Wing diving straight into the ground during maiden flight, the whole center of the wing exploded. Leaving only the wingtips and most of the Elevons intact. So I tried to salvage as much as possible of both wings, with an idea to make a mini wing later. The...
  15. Flak Bait

    FPV Maiden "Nailed It"

    Who doesn't love the smell of hot glue and foam board in the morning?!! I've been flying RC for some time now, well since rubber band escapements were the new thing. Anyway, I decided that FPV would be the next thing to try. Well, FPV she's an unforgiving lassie with a steep learning curve...
  16. D

    Motorpowered Sailplane... darkside... something

    Hey Guys, this might be my first ever posting in a forum so please be forgiving if some stuff is not classical forumtalk. Why I am posting is because I started my first scratchbuild. Well to be correct, I scratchbuilt a few planes from the FT series already (FT 3D, FT Versawing Blunt Nose, FT...
  17. raphino

    FPV Action over our House and between trees with my brother on my own scratchbuild

    Hey Guys! Check out my video about my brother and I having fun flying with my own designed scratchbuilds FPV over our house and next to some trees!
  18. T-Richard

    Sharkfin 66 - A small, fun and fast parkflyer

    Hi guys, so last weekend was a great one for flying, I maiden a small wing that went really well. Shortly after I maiden another project I've been working on, this Before i go over the specs here is the maiden flight Anyways, went better than I expected. It's essentially a 66% Nube Tube...
  19. H

    Dynaflite Bird of Time Foamboard Wing Anyone?

    Does anyone know how to make a BOT style wing out of foamboard. I want to make a carbon arrow shaft fuselage glider, and that wing creates a load of lift, not mention it looks awesome. I really need some help on this, dimensions, tips, anything that could help. Thanks in advance.
  20. Widkin

    Foamboard SAAB JAS-39 Gripen EDF (images, plans, build)

    Hi there! If you are interested in building and flying this plane, please keep on reading. ;) Intro Inspired by the original Viggen made by David, I have made my own foamboard Gripen. I posted an article about it earlier this year: I have modeled this plane completely in 3D, so the...