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  1. P

    Any good EPP flying wing plans?

    Hello RC addicts! I was looking around and trying to find any flying wings that I could build. I have a bunch of EPP and carbon fiber, so thats not the problem- however it would be nice to have a "beginner-ish" flying wing that i could chuck around. Any help would be much appreciated, Happy...
  2. B

    Foamy QuadCopter Frame

    This idea have been bugging me for a long time now so I made one. I'll just need to buy some electronics for this. It is based on 8x4 prop and it weights 165 grams. I don't know how much weight it can carry but it's rigid. Look at this... Under: Legs: If I want to carry a camera on...
  3. fliteadmin

    The Triforce Coraplast Plane

    I've been meaning to post this article for quite some time. It's about my son and his first scratch build. Since we started the show (Flite Test) it has taken over our basement, garage, attic, backyard, etc. So, needless to say, I got all kinds of crap laying around. My son, Christian, came to...