1. T-Richard

    Updated FPV plane - The Pelican

    Based on the Axon from ExAir, added mild polyhedral by extending the wind a few inches each side and used different tubular fuselage shapes to maximize space and aerodynamics. Not finished yet but hopefully will fly this weekend :)
  2. spencertrejo

    Scratch build: FPV Platform from DTFB Based on the FT-SS

    Based loosely on the simple soarer from flight test. Same wing and tail. Wing was modified for ailerons, removed the dihedral and moved the polyhedral to 4" out. The tail has been mostly untouched, besides a small mod on the rudder (no notch forward on the rudders control surface). Will be doing...
  3. A

    Scratch build suggestion- FT DLG

    Ever since the DLG video that you guys have made, I have grown a real interest in DLG but i don't have the money to buy one. I would love to see you guys design a supper cool (As always) DLG that has a 950mm wingspan with supper small airfoils and that is durable. Post your idea's below guys!
  4. spencertrejo

    Proper FPV scratchbuild

    Ok, so i have yet to see a proper FPV plane designed specifically for FPV. I'd like it to fit the following critieria: 1 - Foamboard build of course 2 - NOT Swappable - needs to be pusher and the swappable fuse would just get in the way. 3 - single tail - no twin boom 4 - Landing gear would be...
  5. O

    XMAX-401 Quadcopter Flight

    Hey Flitetest friends! Here is my scratchbuilt quadcopter I call the "XMAX-401" or "The Pancake Quad"! Please tell me what you think and how I can improve it! Thanks! :) I switched the triangular landing gears into foam noodle landing gears to get softer landing!
  6. Formori

    FT Racer (Slinger) First Build

    I've watched all of the swappable series videos and loved the idea of building my own plane (I only have a very small Firefly trainer ATM) but thought that for the work/time investment that most of the plans require it might not work as well for me as a beginner (I'm too poor to buy speedbuild...
  7. zodiac

    My first full faom scratch build

    My first full foam scratch build This is my first scratch build. I have choosen to go with the Silent Mite. (plans easy to find on Google). During the build I made some custom alterations and Used Depron for the most part (instead of EPP). Lets go to the first pics :) Printed plans and...
  8. G

    My Take on the 100 MPH for <$100 Challenge

    Hello, This is my first post on this forum, and I'd like to share a project I just began last night. I am relatively new to electric models, so take everything below with a grain of salt! I was inspired by the Flight Test video "100 MPH for under $100.00", and the concept of a cheap speed...
  9. P

    Any good EPP flying wing plans?

    Hello RC addicts! I was looking around and trying to find any flying wings that I could build. I have a bunch of EPP and carbon fiber, so thats not the problem- however it would be nice to have a "beginner-ish" flying wing that i could chuck around. Any help would be much appreciated, Happy...
  10. B

    Foamy QuadCopter Frame

    This idea have been bugging me for a long time now so I made one. I'll just need to buy some electronics for this. It is based on 8x4 prop and it weights 165 grams. I don't know how much weight it can carry but it's rigid. Look at this... Under: Legs: If I want to carry a camera on...
  11. fliteadmin

    The Triforce Coraplast Plane

    I've been meaning to post this article for quite some time. It's about my son and his first scratch build. Since we started the show (Flite Test) it has taken over our basement, garage, attic, backyard, etc. So, needless to say, I got all kinds of crap laying around. My son, Christian, came to...