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    Old servo as a DC speed controller?

    I'm looking into making an ultra small ultra light fully controllable indoor scratch build plane. I've been playing with 3gram servos, I've stripped the servo apart and centred the pot so now I have a rc motor that runs forward and back at a controllable speed. Only problem is its not got the...
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    How to select the right servos for the job

    I am relatively new to this hobby and im enjoying the heck out of it! I have found that there is a TON of stuff to learn but i cant seem to be able to find any good advice on servo selection ie: Brand selection proper size metal vs carbon vs plastic gears digital vs analog etc. Anyone around...
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    Best Servos For Use in EOT Models Rare Bear

    Hello Flitetesters, My son and I are finally building the EOT Model Rare Bear he got for an Xmas present. I am trying to decide which servos to use in the plane and would like your advice. We have the Hextronic 9 Gram econo servos or a set of Spektrum DS821 Digital servos at hand and ready to...