1. R

    Tricopter servo problem

    I have the bat bones.kk2.1.5 board, suppo sp mg90s servo. I'm having trouble with the travel. The servo will tilt the mount all the way to the left but only go about the quarter of the way to the right. I've taken off the servo and hooked it with another receiver to make sure it's centered. The...
  2. R

    Tricopter power distribution and tail servo

    I have the bat bone with the ipeaka 22a esc and suppo motors from the flite test power combo. How do I power everything? How do I plug in the servo. The ESC's has a built in bec. Can anyone provide a diagram or layout of the harness? Oh and using the OrangeRx. If that's helps.
  3. M

    Servo mixing

    Hi, Does any one know if this transmitter has mixing for the ailerons? NuoYa005 2.4G FS-CT6B 6CH
  4. Mastrmindz

    Problems Communicating with Witespy aka Paul Baxter aka RTF Quads

    Hey FT. *I am reposting this thread to this section under recommendation under one of the moderators.* I have a problem and I am hoping you can help me out. (I am not sure this is the right forum topic for this issue, but it is slightly related to customer support). I have been in the hobby...
  5. Flak Bait

    Servo Tester

    Just wanting to center up the servo's w/o having to drag out the TX and hook up all the know the drill. Any recommendations from the crowd on a servo tester? Thanks
  6. T

    Different types of 9g servo?!?

    Hi! Following quite a bad crash, the elevator on my phoenix glider died mid air, and now when looking for a replacement servo, it seems more complicated than I thought. I need a 9g servo, but there are different types of 9g servo, like 1.5kg ones and 1.6kg, or 0.10 second ones or 12 second ones...
  7. BurningArmada

    Tricopter tail servo help

    I don't know a whole lot about servos but I'm learning! I started out with this $5 servo on my tricopter and it lasted about 10 flights before the internal plastic gear stripped out. No real hard landings and i can't point out anything that would have stripped it that quickly. From what i have...
  8. W

    IMPORTANT : Old RX-TX + New Servos/UBEC/ESC

    Hey guys, Ill gonna make myself thrown into the hobby and gonna take my dad back with me so my questions will be about "modernizing" or "old and new" items used together. ( ill post pics of all the material i have ) So my dad is going to prepare his stuff to fly glow and a rebuilt glider. My...
  9. Mastrmindz

    RTF Flip 1.5 Tail Not Moving on My Tricopter

    Hey everyone. I just got the Flip 1.5 board from RTF quads. I got it for my tricopter rotorbones and ordered it flashed for a tricopter. I have it hooked up, the motors work; but the tail servo does not move when I give rudder. When I initially turn on the tricopter, the tail servo moves...
  10. H

    Quick Tip: adjusting servo arms mounted inside the wing.

    If you ever need to adjust the servo arms on any of the ft swappable a where the servo arms are mounted inside the wing, just take the correct size screwdriver and make a small diagonal passage approximately 1 inch out from the servo arm. (See image)
  11. jsut210

    Servo Suggestions For SPAD Stick

    Hello, I am just not starting to get the parts in order for my next build. I'm planning to use a Ryobi 31cc engine that I've converted and throw it on this: . My question is about the servos that I should use. At first I was looking...
  12. B

    Tricopter rear servo partial unresponsive. KK2.1 board

    Hello everyone, I am new to the RC hobby and decided to start with a tricopter. So far I have run into 2 issues. 1. I bought a potentially over kill receiver (AR12020) , and the kk2.1 does not seem to be able to read anything outputs. The only thing I could think of was the it may have a too...
  13. P

    Ferrite rings for better video with FPV ?

    Do Ferrite rings really help with better video signals for FPV? Should they also be used with all the servo wires for a generally better flight?
  14. A

    EPP FPV Build New problem...Motor starts up when giving right Aileron input

    Hi All, I have one problem and one query I hope someone can help me with to finally get this bird into the skies. Problem: When giving right Aileron input my motor starts spinning, not fast, I'd say about 5% power. Is this a TX issue? I'm using the Turnigy 9x with the 8 channel rx, a...
  15. jsut210

    Megapirate NG 3.0.1 / APM Tricopter Yaw Issues

    Has anyone been able to set a max or min limit on the servo for a tricopter when using APM or Megapirate? When I push full right on the servo it gets stopped at it's endpoint and draws a ton of current. Would setting the limits on the radio fix this?
  16. I

    Naza-M as a 2-axis gimbal control?

    Hi guys! First of all, sorry for my english, i'm really trying to learn it. So, i whant to build a 2-axis gimbal for GoPro3 on servos. Naza M will be a control for it. Gimbal kind'a like that: But, my buddy said that...
  17. sconner

    Cheap Server Extension Source

    So I was hunting around my workshop looking for wire to do a servo extension and I saw some Male-to-female jumpers I purchased for my electronics hobby. They work perfect! I have purchased these and they were shipped promptly and cheaply...
  18. A

    Newbie servo lessons

    Being a newbie to this hobby, I've recently learnt a few things about servos that other newbies might find useful. 1. The servos bits come with 2 different size screws. Use the right one. [I had a servo work for a few seconds, then judder and then burn out because I used the longer screw...
  19. C

    Options for metal digital servos for the pivot motor mount on Bat Bone Tricopter

    I am looking at servos and the one recommended is of course out of stock on hobby king as usual. I found this is available at a local hobby shop and...
  20. J

    Bat bone, KK2, tail servo issue

    Got a bat bone and KK2 board. Motors power up just fin. Tail servo does not move connected to output #4 on KK2. Yaw controls shows working in "receiver test" on KK2 board. Connecting servo directly to receiver works fine. Any ideas? Thanks, JD