1. ServoCity

    Simple Pan & Tilt mechanism for antenna tracking

    Build your own easy solution for a strong and powerful tilt system - great for antenna trackers. Here is a quick clip of the tilt in motion. This video shows a Channel Gearboxe for Standard Size Servos (180° Max Rotation) rotation modification and 5:1 gear ratio. Here's a list of what you...
  2. Hayduke27

    Linkage Stopper to Servo Arm installation

    Hi everyone! I am pretty new to this whole thing, as I just recently discovered all of the options for electric RC planes. I am having a blast, and just ordered my third speed build kit. My question is this: I am working on a Storch, and I need to install the linkage stoppers in the servo...
  3. W

    Re-attaching pushrods to servos on the control board

    Did I ask that right? The connection of the pushrod that sometimes comes out from either the circuit board area, or near the control horn? What is the best way to re-attach these so that they are solid and will not come undone easily? Duct tape? heat shrink tube? JB Weld? Solder? All or some...
  4. R

    motors? servos? confusion!

    hello! im just testing every thing out before i finally put every thing together ive got the ESC's connected to the F3 via the servo ports and since it states in the manual, to configure the servo ports before use - i just incrementally set the according channels in the servo tab of...
  5. O

    multiple bomb drop mechanism with 4 different servos

    Hi everyone I have to build a drop mechanism which will be operated by 4 different servos individually. I would like to operate these servos alternately by using one aux switch on my turnigy 9x. Is there a possible way to operate 4 servos one by one from a single switch? By the way I am going to...
  6. J

    Are servos always compatible to all receivers??

    Hi, I'm a newbie in this field!! I am currently planning to make my own scratch-build aircraft. But, I am going to use a transmitter from 'flysky', so I would have to use a corresponding 'flysky' receiver. But, I'm not sure whether or not this receiver will do the same job as the receiver that...
  7. S

    Servo problem

    A few days ago I bought some ES-9051 servos for my TT, but when I connect them to receiver they don't want move and quietly clicking. What's that?
  8. M

    Servos and other little odds and ends

    I recently tried to build and fly a FT Mini Guinea and Mini F-22(in that order). I bought all the stuff for the Guinea electronics-wise. After several failed attempts to get it off the ground, I came to the conclusion I was a little to liberal when it came to applying the hot glue...
  9. S

    servo center problem - Baby Blender

    Hi I have a repeating problem installing ailerons servo - the servo is off center. I had the same problem building the Bloody Baron, now on the Baby Blender. The ailerons servo(one servo operates both ailerons - Emax ES08A from flite test store) is off center. I can use trimming to center, it...
  10. S

    Need help choosing servos for .91 high wing aircraft !!!!

    As it says in the tittle, im going to order a seagull super decathlon for my birthday and the one thing im concern is what servos to use for the ailerons and elevator, the two i have found that alot of people keep talking about is :
  11. Iceman

    Replacing a broken aileron servo in the FT Mustang

    Dear FT members, I thought I would share how easy it is to replace a broken servo in an FT Mustang. I recently flew my FT Mustang in some strong wind and crashed into the wind sock pole of my club. Surprisingly, very little damage was done due to the strong construction of the dollar tree foam...
  12. S

    How do you connect 2 servo's for ailerons into 1 wire for the receiver?

    Hey everyone, I am picking my components for the FT 3Don hobbyking, and I have everything except something to connect the two different servo's in the wings together. I mean, there is only 1 port for ailerons on the receiver. How am I supposed to do this? You use a Y-harness for this right? I am...
  13. R

    Is denatured alcohol foam safe?

    Hi everyone. looking for a better way to remove hot glued servos. Is denatured alcohol foam safe?
  14. M

    Share your flitetest versa wing setup (aka specs)

    What is your setup for the Flite test versa wing? (especially intressted in servos) so i made a Flite test versa wing a while ago and started as a tractor, wasnt very impressed so moved to a pusher with 200 watts of power. Was very impressed. I did not have enough up elevator tho... Today i...
  15. P

    Graupner GR-24 12ch receiver

    Hi guys, I am running the MZ-24 and GR-24 Hott system in a big scale scratch build balsa P-38. With a multitude of servos, multiple on same channels via Y-leads, and 3 power-hungry electric retracts, am I in danger of overloading the receiver? It seems like a lot of amp draw thru that little...
  16. H

    tough tilt servo

    Hi all, So I can't seem to source a Emax ES3154 servo in the UK, the servos which I had and planned to use with the tough tilt CS238MG do not quite fit into the tought tilt (TT) hole and I don't really want to drill it out. Please can anyone recommend other servos which they know work well...
  17. V

    Multiwii 2.4 - Tricopter - How to activate yaw servo?

    Hi! I'm a multiwii-beginner and I am assembling a "2.0" version of my tricopter. Last year I used a FyeTech FY-901 FC, but I wanted something with more options so I bought a Crius AIO Pro 2.0 card. I have hooked up all the electronics, and it seems to be working fine. All except the yaw servo...
  18. L

    servo problem, maxing out and not responding

    am using a Turnigy TGY-i6 Transmitter with a Turnigy iA6 Receiver. Attached are 3 turnigy TG9e servos. The issue I have is that seemingly randomly the servos they move to maximum reach and lock out. Only way to reset is removing the battery from the receiver. Is this a fixable problem?
  19. Lukas

    NEED HELP - FT Linkage stoppers don't fit servos

    I'm making my first scratch build FT Flyer, I ordered some accessories off the FT store like the firewall, push-rods and linkage stoppers. Then I got the recommended electronics from I've just installed my servos to find that the screw on the bottom of the linkage stoppers is way...
  20. I

    Tricopter problems

    i have just finished my tricopter build but unfortunately the servo at the back won't Center and only turns in one direction Is there anybody who's had this problem and knows how to fix this problem, Many thanks Ian :)