1. T-Richard

    Resto-Mod Project HK Cessna 182 1500mm to STOL airplane - Log

    This is a progress log of my project to recycle and old Rc plane and turn it into a sort of fantasy STOL airplane. Inspired by the huge amounts of nice bush planes available on the market lately I wanted one of my own. I wanted mine to be different and also thrifty! I was originally going to...
  2. Aretaic

    ~30" B-pack Kit Fox and SuperSTOL Plans [project]

    So I'm going to try and put together a pair of simple speedbuild-ish STOL plans that could fly pretty well with a B-pack motor. I converted almost all of my previous MT2213 motor'd planes to the GT2215/09, and they were all 35"-45" span planes that really flew a lot easier with the beefier...
  3. jk6stringer

    Looking at STOL options

    Hi Friends, Ive thinking about getting a STOL type aircraft to counteract that fact that I cant easily access the larger flying spaces these days. Something like the Tundra is a nice choice, but going with the FT style I was thinking about going with the Bushwhacker... But the new FT Simple...
  4. T

    Please do a show experimenting with extremely short landing techniques for planes.

    I fly FPV in rural places where it's often very rocky, hilly, with trees or other obstacles everywhere. That means it's very hard to find a flat open place to land a plane, especially the somewhat larger ones (Skywalker, Mini Talon, etc). Some ideas I have in descending order of expected...
  5. K

    Carbon bush plane design and build

    Hey guys! Currently working on the design for a carbon fibre build. I love super cubs and bush planes, so its going to based around a cub. But not exactly scale. I'm looking to go full on STOL custom design. Going to be spending most of the time working in CAD until the design is finalized...
  6. T

    STOL swappable

    I've had this in the works for a while and crashed the first 2 revisions of the plane. Though the most recent revision hasn't flown but I am pretty sure it will do well enough based on test flights of the previous versions. I wanted a STOL plane and my Bloody Wonder was mostly trashed with...
  7. EraJomppa

    Hopping on the bush plane bandwagon

    I got myself a rare free weekend and even though I have couple of other RC projects in progress, I decided to make myself a bush-type plane from some spare parts I had laying around. Here is the result: Specs for those that are interested: Weight: 300 grams span: 900 mm length: 700 mm...
  8. L

    STOL Cargo Plane

    I need help designing/building a Cargo plane, That's also capable of STOL (short take off and landing). for the stol problem i was working on the Coandă effect like the AN-72 or Boeing YC-14. I was wondering if foam and tapes twins plane would be a good test bed. can I use edf on the twins?
  9. F

    3D Hobby shop BigFoot! SO COOL!!!!!!

    This plane is so cool!!!!!!!!