1. knife-edge

    Swapable's Batteries

    I have recently decided to start building the swapables with the beef setup. I have the esc, motor, servos, and everything else but the battery. After looking at both the spitfire and baby blender build pages, I notice that the recommended battery is a 1300mah 4s, however when looking at the...
  2. B

    Just received my 3 pack.

    Three pack is here and it's really nice! Very good package. All in perfect condition. I love the laser cut accuracy. Everything is spot on. AND I'm supporting a really great crew. Thanks for all the good stuff, guys. My power pod is built sans landing gear. I fly in fields and always...
  3. C

    Medium Spice Swappables

    I have been using a different setup on my Swappables since I started flying. My flying instructor had me start on a 3 cell instead of a 2 cell for ease of battery purchase. I have been using 1000 mAh and 1300 mah hour batteries on all my swappables, with the Turnigy 2822 1480 kv motor, or the...
  4. W

    Swappabled overheating

    Swappable overheating I was wondering if anyone else is having problems with heat in the swappable power pods... I've ran into several instances recently on the FT3D puffing batteries, ect. I've done a simple fix by adding an "air intake" on the side of the fuse through the pod and that seems...
  5. R

    Modular/Swappable glider platform

    Over the past few months, I've been messing with gliders. It all started when I discovered that I could thermal with my Old Fogey swappable. I found the Mini-ELF DLG and figured something like that (2-channels, lots of dihedral, small) would be good for me to start with. Like anything I now...
  6. RoyBro

    Traditional Aileron Trainer

    Hi Guys, I'd like to see you add another plane to the swappable series. I am starting to fly with the local RC group and one thing they would want me to get is a traditional top wing aileron trainer. They tend to want student flyers to steer away from the 3 channel planes and get right into the...
  7. J

    New Scratch Build Idea For FliteTest

    IDEA #1 My name is Jonathan Hanson from Unalakleet, Alaska. I Love the designs that you guys come up with for scratch build swappable planes. They are amazingly simple and just flat out fun to build and fly. My suggestion to you guys for a future swappable is a piper/super cub or something...
  8. F

    power pod wire

    What kind of wire and how thick of wire do you use for servo push rods and landing gear in powerpod/swapable fuselage
  9. A

    The Great Nerf Challenge!

    Hi Flite Test. I challenge you to make a plane, helicopter or swappable out of a Nerf Vortex. Thanks for reading, AlphaHazza.
  10. R

    P51 swappable

    I thought it might be cool to make my own since I haven't seen them anywhere before. So here goes. Just like the other swappable planes I used the A and B style folds to increase rigidity. I creased the sides to clean up the rear and glued it together. Then I started working on a cockpit and...