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  1. J

    New Scratch Build Idea For FliteTest

    IDEA #1 My name is Jonathan Hanson from Unalakleet, Alaska. I Love the designs that you guys come up with for scratch build swappable planes. They are amazingly simple and just flat out fun to build and fly. My suggestion to you guys for a future swappable is a piper/super cub or something...
  2. F

    power pod wire

    What kind of wire and how thick of wire do you use for servo push rods and landing gear in powerpod/swapable fuselage
  3. A

    The Great Nerf Challenge!

    Hi Flite Test. I challenge you to make a plane, helicopter or swappable out of a Nerf Vortex. Thanks for reading, AlphaHazza.
  4. R

    P51 swappable

    I thought it might be cool to make my own since I haven't seen them anywhere before. So here goes. Just like the other swappable planes I used the A and B style folds to increase rigidity. I creased the sides to clean up the rear and glued it together. Then I started working on a cockpit and...