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FT Versa Wing reverse power pod install


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I love the new swappable wing that Josh designed. In fact I like it so much that I want to get into fpv, but I don't want to mess with all my electronics and other stuff. They said on the review of the wing that mounting the pod on the bottom would not be a good idea, so I thought "why not just cut out some of the wing and install the power pod upside down on the top. I dont care about ruining the plane as it is dirt cheap, but does anyone else know what i'm talking about and agree or have any suggestions of how to directly mount the power pod in a pusher format? Thanks



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Mounting on top would put the motor above the center of lift, much like mounting it on the bottom would be below. You'd need to cut away most of the power pod to get the motor down where it needs to be and have the proper thrust angle. I guess you could just run the pod down the rear slope and shim the motor mount to bring the motor/prop in-line again, that would probably work...


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I thought on a wing that led to unexpected pitch changes with throttle changes? Or does the down-thrust manage that completely?


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I don't want to modify the power pod at all, but I have no problem cutting up the wing. I also don't want to make any adjustments to the pod or how the motor is mounted. I just want to go from my spit to this and to my baby blender without any adjustments. I made a diagram of what I am talking about. Excuse the horrible quality but I am not an artist on the computer by any means. Thanks to all that are interested.:) ft versa wing diagram.png
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From what EST said, that will work. You might need some washers/spacers on the mounting points of the motor if you need downthrust. You'll need some downthrust if it pitches when you come off or get on the throttle hard.


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What about a push-pull like the U-10 from the 1960's?

A dual engine wing.

Add the rear motor-ESC, Y the power into the two motors, Y the throttle linkage (pull the middle line on one line).

How would that work?
The power pod and win are practically the same length. Trying to embed the pod in the wing will mean cutting away the entire top surface of the wing in the center, removing all its strength.
Okay, so why couldn't the powerpod be mounted on the bottom, but facing backwards?

I want to use it for FPV, but I want it swappable, and don't want to buy all new electronics for it.

Sort of like this? (I'm just holding it in place.)



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I think the thrust angle is going to be all wrong if you mount it on the bottom like that. If you changed the thrust angle so it flies well, you're still loosing efficiency.


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Flat bottom airfoil so the thrust line is probably OK...if it does strange things when you go full throttle, just add some washers to give some adjustment to the thrust angle. If anything, you might need some down...


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If he put the power pod upside down in the top and cut the wing out in a slot to fit the pod the motor height wold be no different then a ft elements firewall wouldn't it not. Just cutting all that wing away doesn't sound to appealing for the overall strength.