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3mm Depron

The design I'm currently working on is a powered glider (think tiny trainer +30%) but using the EA 'armin' wing design and hence my question...

Would it be possible to use 3mm Depron rather than the 5mm or 6mm most FT and Youtube designs suggest? I intend on covering the wing with tape AND using some kind of spar (maybe carbon, maybe wooden). As I'm looking at making a more docile aircraft will 3mm still give me the strength? I don't intend on pulling any high-G manoeuvres, but you never know right....lol

My Bad for the unclear explanation... I was thinking for the wing only. I'll probably use the 5/6mm stuff for the fuselage



Old and Bold RC PILOT
You may need to consider that whilst a spar can provide spanwise rigidity and strength you will definitely need to consider that the wing will also require torsional stability as well, (Stop the wing twisting). The torsional forces may not be generated if you are flying in absolutely still air but if flying outdoors a slight wind gust could cause an uncontrollable roll to the ground.

Good luck with your design!