Help! 5.8GHz on FT Racer


I have been wanting to get into FPV for a while. I want to put a FX FX805 5.8Ghz 25mW 40CH Camera on an FT Racer but am not sure how great the signal will be. I want to be able to fly through my yard (which has many trees) pylon style without a crappy experience. I chose this camera because it is cheap but will it work for what I want? I will only be flying > 150yds from me. Thanks.


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As long as you have a decent circular polarized antenna I think you should be Ok.


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for that plane i would go to a 200mW camera. wolfwhoop makes a nice one for just about $20. always better to have more than you need. you don't want to find out what your range is by loosing signal while flying.


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