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8ft Zagi Sloper - DIY / Hot cutting / Fiberglass - MAIDENED!

Jackson T

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Mainland Denmark can pretty much fit in a 200x200 mile square box, if you exclude a few small islands........and Greenland. When I say local, I must admit I mean "Danish" in this case, to be honest. Speedster lives and generally flies in an area about 4 hours drive from where I live, so pretty much as far from each other as possible within the country as you can be; Then on the other hand I grew up less than an hour from his home. It's basically a small country. Larger in area than Maryland, but smaller than West Virginia. Population about three quarters of that of New York City.
I've got no idea how big Maryland or Virginia is, I live in Australia. My state in Australia is almost 19 times bigger than your country! That's really cool that you know him, even if you don't live near him.