Another Gobby


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Rainy days mean build days. Threw this together in about 4 hours. I love the whole nose mechanism. This is a solid little plane. Can't wait to maiden!



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glad i'm not the only ADHD builder with a mess everywhere! we could be brothers from another mother from the looks of it. :LOL:

i built a Goblin a few weeks ago, it flew really good 2x's, the first was 3S and was perfect, the 2nd was 4S and it caught fire, burnt the ESC and totaled the plane. up until then it was a blast! forgot how nasty blue smoke smells. didn't even want to take it home it smelt so bad.

i have another tiled out and ready to cut but haven't gotten to it yet.

good luck on the maiden and if you plan on going 4S, make sure you got more than a 30A esc and down size the prop. i was running an avian 5x6x3 on a 2206-2700kv emax. perfect on 3S, too much for 4S.


me :cool: