Another tricopter yaw mechanism


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I was noticing many tricopter yaw mechanisms lately based on a helicopter main rotor grip. Made me wonder how I could make one myself without a lot of cutting and gluing. This is what I came up with and I want to share it with you because it works really well. Let me know what you think ! I used the following parts :

El cheapo 10x10mm pine wood stick

Motor :
Any 28xx size between 700kv and 1000kv will do
Plus one extra motor mount

Main rotor grip :
Both the motor mounts fit PERFECTLY over the upper and lower 'spacers' on the blade grip (!)
The shaft requires a 6mm drill

Servo :
or html
Servo can be installed better, this was just a test fit..

Servo arm :
Very solid and a perfect for to the Hitec servo's
Thread for the ball links is M3

Ball links :

Screws, nuts and zip ties :










A 450 blade holder mounted with brass bushings into a 10*10mm aluminum profile.
Motor mounts directly to a 3mm aluminum sheet and a spacer was made from wood to get a snug fit.


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Nice UndCon, such version is most common I guess.
In the first pics above I used a larger 500 size blade grip.
I have a 450 as well and this is what I could make of it:

Same 10x10 pine wood stick
4mm ply wood (fits perfectly, could make it more round etc)

450 blage grip :

2836 brushless motor 880kv:

I want to glue a longer stick underneath (extension) in order to protect the yaw system during hard landings.


good job! i made mine a bit differently im gonna make a video explaining it and hopefully it can help poeple and i get get some feed back on making it better:)


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Looking forward to that vid Tobster !

I like David's V2.5 solutions as well.
We have build one of those in our club last week with a Hitec HS-82MG and the result is ok

We'll have to see what will be the best solution.
But I think they will all do the job fine ..


Crazy flyer/crasher :D

That looks awesome and much more elegant then anything I´ve seen before!

You should start selling them !!!


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@ burg : yes i use CA / Epoxy so far, but if its not strong enough i will design again more solid with new connection system, i will upload my frame design for tri and quad...


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Very nice to see it in action on YT (I subbed). Can you show us the center section as well or a pic from the complete tricopter ? 3mm should be strong enough I guess. If you intend to laser-cut another set, I'd be happy to take one (depending on whet you ask for it off course). I see a ultra light mid size tri in my mind ;-)


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oke burg, i will upload asap including my quad design frame..the tri frame already finish but i must go to another town so i will take pictures of it when i back...
my tri frame design have diameter 40 cm from the center of frame to each motor..i agree with your opinion...
at this time i plan to build a quad and the diameter frame was 30 cm from center to motor..
this my quad frame picture
quad ku 1.jpg quad ku 2.jpg quad ku 3.jpg
i use the same motor mount that can be use in quad / tri except the yaw


I know laser cutting acryl is not easy but my question is are you not afraid it gets brittle?

Very rarely I land smooth -I think I would break such frame in an instant, based on the kind of acryl I have here it is very brittle and cracks easily...(only 3mm)



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@ UndCon : thanks for your information..i don't know. i will try it first but i already design the rotor and propeller guard / protection during i learn flying using some light weight steel wire to prevent the damage of frame and propeller