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Anybody else scratch building tonight?

To experiment with film on foamboard, you need 2 devices. You need a variable temp iron (see TowerHobby) and a temp gun that can measure the temp within a few degrees to make it work.

Beside finding out what temp the foamboard starts to melt and the temp range of the film, then you will have to experiment with the range of temps for
1) tacking the film onto the foam (monokote does it at 215-240)
2) having a good shrink (230-275)
3) max temp for max shrink (270-350)

Tip: I always take reading of iron before using on shrink. Use cotton shirt to cool it down if too hot, for once it is too high, shrink film goes goes brittle.
Thanks my friend. I have a question for you. I am experimenting with film, trying to shave weight from builds and give it that vinyl finished look. I am going to call my first attempt a success/failure. I have no idea what brand the film is, it was a freebie from Banggood and was for the Dancing Wings Savage Bobber. I used a regular iron, the tip of it for the most part and probably not the right tool for the job LOL, so there are two problems which contribute to the failure aspect of everything. Here is a pic to show what I mean. Maybe you can't use film on foambaord? Although I have seen it done . Any insight, tips you could share? I seem to be melting the foamboard.

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I like what @L Edge had to say. TBH, I haven't had much luck with film directly over foam other than using EconKote. Unfortunately, that stuff is discontinued. There R folks on other forums that swear by Ultracote for foam. I was gonna give that a try on the BD5 before fixing up the house and packing took over my life. I found and example here: https://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/electric-rc-jets-198/3772295-new-6mm-depron-bd5-ultracote.html I've found that foamboard starts to distort somewhere around 230'F/110'C. Ultracote supposedly will go on just under that temp. Can't wait to see 'er done. Looking too cool for school to me :cool:


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how do you mount the motor and other electronics? Looks like it could be a problem later.
Bottom of plane is still open to install tail servos, wing servos are already installed , Motor and its mount get installed to the front of the first fuse former that you see there and then the front of the cowl gets put on after that. Zero issues. Wing is removable so no problem accessing the receiver or ESC.


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Working on a CL-415 now that school is finally over
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What do yall use to finish the pink foam? I'm thinking of using drywall compound or maybe some tape.
I usually paint it the color it needs to be with acrylic paint and then seal that with slightly diluted wood glue. I normally will sand and repeat after it sits for 24 hours. Actually doing that on my Cherokee right now. Nice plane choice.(y)(y)