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AXN floater jet


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I've seen so many good reviews of this plane on youtube and as far as I can tell it's pretty much the same as the Bixler. Was thinking of getting one of these as my first plane to learn on, I think I should be able to pick it up pretty quickly with a plane like this and it has room for mods like FPV in the future as I progress. Any thoughts or tips or suggestions?


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Harley, I'll answer both this question, and the one you posted on the Kinetic 800 as well. This would be the better of the two to learn on for a few reasons.

First, the Kinetic will be a faster plane. The faster the plane, the harder to learn on because you don't have as much time to think about the corrections you'll need to make in flight.

Second, the Bixler, AXN, Wildhawk type planes have the propeller in the back. WHEN you nose it in, it doesn't break the prop. So as long as you didn't break foam, you can toss it right back in the air.

Third, the Bixler has a 1400 mm wingspan to the Kinetic's 800 mm. With a larger plane, you can see it easier, which is helpful if you accidentally fly it further from you than you intended.

Fourth, and last for now, the Bixler/AXN is much more upgradable than the Kinetic. With mods like FPV and Aerial Photography, it is something you can grow with.


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Having flown the Wild Hawk I would echo all Monkey said. Just know though that not all of these airframe types come 4 channel. My wild Hawk for example was a 3 channel (throttle, rudder, elevator) flyer that I eventually converted (3 channel-throttle, aileron, elevator). Of all available, I would suggest one of the 4 channel flyers. You can get them RTF for a reasonable price.


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hmm yeah the Bixler and the AXN are both 4 channel so as I progress the plane is still able to be challenging and advancing. Good point, thanks!
The Multiplex Merlin is a fast plane - around 50mph do its definitely not for beginners. The Floater will be more durable and slower and overall easier to start of with.


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The HobbyKing Bixler, IMHO, is the best trainer to beginner plane out there. With a little flight sim my son and I were able to fly
and gain confidence easily. That and it bounces pretty well too!!
You can also search around for the best deals on the Floater jet, Bixler, Sky surfer, Hawk sky and Wild hawk because they are all copies of the Multiplex Easystar.