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Don't put your hand out to fend off a Cheap-N-Easy!

I'm just getting back into flying RC at 59 years old after being away for right around 25 years. I started with a Park Flyer ultra micro P-51. A bit twitchy but so light it is tough as nails. Then an AXN Floater Jet, not as tough but fun.

Then a Cheap-N-Easy. Very fun, very tough, especially my second version out of EPP foam instead of Dollar Store foam. Totally recommend it.

During one of my earlier CNE flights when I was still getting the hang if it it was coming right at me, nose way up (or high-alpha) and it just kind of flopped out of control right at me. My hand went off the throttle BEFORE I throttled back and instinctively fended the crazy thing away from my face. It sliced my palm very nice, twice, zip zip. And it not like a razor slice, it more of a club beating it's way through your skin by brute force. It hurts, A LOT.

So do what you have to to keep your soft human flesh parts out of spinning props. Seriously.

And build a Cheap-n-Easy. Super fun.

Thank you, forum, for the venting space!
Brent from Lehigh Valley, PA


ARG=almost ready to glue
Prop blades are like Zombies. For some reason they love the taste of human flesh and blood.