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Buddy RC YouTube Channel - Love, TJ Williams

Hey all!

Sorry it's taken me so long to get here. But better late than never! You may remember me, you may not. The beard tends to throw people off :D

You can see the beard on Flite Test go from non existent around mid 2016 to a solid 'meh' sometime in 2018. I took some time off to get life sorted and now am back at it with Buddy RC / OMP / Sunnysky! It's great to be making videos again and I hope you enjoy watching them even a fraction of how much I enjoy making them! While the majority of my job is social media marketing and creating videos I am also helping to design, test and bring new products to market so keep an eye out for those!

It's exciting having so many great companies trust what I'm doing so much that they jumped on board with me right out of the gate! As I release new videos, at least one per week sometimes more, I will post them here (and relevant forums). As these companies post new products I'll be one of the first to get my hands on them to be able to share them with you.

Thank you all for the support in the past and I look forward to what the future holds!

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The Apex GD-70 is the best drone for beginners UNDER $100! Everything you need, ready to fly right out of the box. 5.8ghz video, 2.4ghz control, DVR, 3 flight modes from altitude hold, stability and full rate mode... I could keep going and going, watch the video for the full run down!

ON BUDDYRC @ https://b-rc.co/apexgd70
I haven't seen anything from you for 2 years! (The beard rocks BTW);)
Thanks dudes!! :love:

And yeah even before I left Flite Test I went behind the scenes for like the last year+! It's been too long lol. But better late than never and life has never been better. It's crazy, busy, sometimes stressful, but being able to be back with friends doing what we love is such a good thing.

And thanks about the beard! Looking back at the videos where there was no beard I'm sorry to have ever put anyone though that lol
This one is kind of a sneak peak. We just got a shipment of samples from the factory and while release dates and pricing is still being discussed you get to see the product as we do and go through the testing process.

Now, I personally, don't know enough about balsa and this kind of flying in general. So Donnie joins us in this episode. He's an amazing pilot and builder. This is the first of a 3 part series where we get to know the Edge! Episode 2 will be the Build from start to finish!

Hi TJ:
If you ever need a hand, I live in Columbus and would be happy to offer a helping hand. Send an IM if you need help or someone to fly with.
Thank you! I really need to make time outside of work to fly. I finally got everything sorted and went flying a few weeks ago and then life got busy again. I'll definitely keep you in mind for help!

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I live in Westerville. I have a great field behind side by side Middle school and elementary. About as deep as Fuery Filed but only about half the length. Been flying there for five or six years and have only had to go back home due to soccer a hand full of times. Contact me to arrange a time.
We answer the question HOW DO I CHANGE THE SETTINGS ON THE FLIGHT CONTROLLER!? It really is simple once you see it for the first time. This flight controller is only in the OMPHobby M2 Explore and V2 models. The original M2 has the old model that can not be adjusted.

How to setup the OMPHobby M2 Explore, V2 and Original version with OpenTX on the Radiomaster TX16s ! This video goes from start to finish and you'll be able to go from beginner to pro with this setup!