Building the simplest possible quadcopter


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After years of watching FliteTest videos (thank you!) I decided to try to build something myself. Rather than reading for weeks and putting it all off, I just started attaching motors and props together and went from there - kind of like the ‘minimum viable product’ way of making software. The final ended up using a $3.00 microcontroller, a small gyro board, and a mini transceiver - and it worked! While it won’t win any prizes, I feel I did learn a lot in the process, and have a *much* better feel for how things work. There’s something about just spinning a small prop while holding a motor in your hand that feels magical, kind of like playing with magnets (except magnets don’t get too hot or hurt your fingers lol).

Anyway, I did document it a bit in this video. It’s mostly silly, but I do build a real-ish one by the end using betaflight and popsicle sticks. I learned a lot doing this, but mostly I learned flying things are deeply mesmerizing :).