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Can you guess what I am building?

Here it is.......... 100_0843.JPG

took only couple hours after looking at pictures on the google images to get the angles of geometry down fairly accurate. This one will have room for a 9" chord, and cg is placed exactly 3" back align with base of body line change of angle just like the real one. fuselage measures 25 3/8" from nose tip to tail tip, with 2.5 inch internal cavity space. Wings will be atleast over 40" long in 2 sections with carbon spar shaft joiner.
yup :)

I want to really take my time with this build. I know I will be cutting out the windows and have a head tracker in future inside cock pit with realistic scaled gauges as well, thats my direction for this little cub. Maybe some floats too that can be swappable with regular landing gear.

Everything fits together nicely right now that I'm afraid to glue it and leave it in plain foam board. Should I start apply colored packing tape now? What color?
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I don't see to many world war theme ones done. Being in the military myself I think I may be more interested in that style.

up for suggestions though for color or design tweaking.
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100_0844.JPG 100_0845.JPG 100_0846.JPG fuse is coming along. Not sure what to do with window area yet. The top isn't glued down yet, not sure how to make a access hatch for it yet. I'm thinking one that is hidden under the wing.
I was thinking about using soda bottle plastic too actually. If I put glass in now I may have no way to access the engine compartment though when installing the motor, gets real cramped in there. I need some ideas for that area and a firewall of some sort.
Hello, Richard. Nice work. I'd like to build one. Do you mind share the plans with me? A couple days ago, I started to build a Corsair, but I'm pretty sure it will not fly! LOL! So, your plane seems to be better.