Carbon Fiber Versa Wing


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I printed out the plans for the versa wing tiled them together and transferred them to foam board. Im intending on doing a blunt nose versa wing for fpv. Im in the process of the covering procedure today ill be using west systems 105 and 205 epoxy resin and hardener (was hoping i had 207 hardener). i have a 64mm edf w a 4300kv on a 30 or 40amp esc. Im not sure if i want to do that or if i want to go with a new power pack since my intentions for it are fpv. I may do that i want to get 30 minute flights out of it so im not sure i know the edf wont do that but since im doing a blunt nose i could have two swap able center sections for different purposes. Any info suggesstions tips or tricks would be helpful and greatly appreciated. i also have more pictures just having a hard time getting them to upload


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Have you flown the BNVersa before? Mine was super tail heavy. If you are adding carbon fiber you can bet it is going to be tail heavy also. I moved my motor pod forward and I run mine with a ton of battery weight in the nose. If you haven't flown that model before you might want to check the CG before coating.

By the way, I'm very interested in watching this build! Good Luck!


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I appreciate the heads up im probably going to hold off for the day on the coating and check the cg. when i do lay it up im going to do each wing in two peices one on the bottom panel which will wrap over the leading edge and one that will go on the top cambered surface that will over lap over the leading edge
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If you're going full CF have you given any consideration about radio and antenna placement?


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i have im thinking about cutting 1 inch circles in the carbon to have a pass thru on each wing what do you think