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Chosing Parts For My Quadcopter

So I am fairly New to the R.C Hobby, But I have watched a lot of flight test and season 1 of Maker Hangar by Make. So I know a little bit.
I want to make a fairly powerful quadcopter that can lift a GoPro with a Gimble. I want to make it similar to dji in the sense that the extra power gives me more stability and more power to run away from problems.

So first is what motors do I get, What are good reliable well priced ESC's what kind of flight controller do I get that has lots of features. For example It would be nice if it can hover stay in place using gps exc. Also has the capability for expansion. What is a good battery for the quadcopter because it is a bit more powerful. I was thinking a 4s but I don't know what brand, capacity, C rating. When I finish watching the video on radios I may need help picking out a good one.

For the gimbal on the bottom is it cost effective to make my own by getting gimbal brushless motors and a gimbal controller and making a frame or just buying a premade 3 axis gimbal.

Thanks for the help. I look forward to crashing the thing and crying and then coming back here to complain on how to fix it.
Well that's a lot of questions wrapped up into one. I would look at the flight test store and get a power pack and you would be ready to go for the ESC and motors. You could find similar motors in other places as well. E Bay, Hobby King etc
Flight so many options for flight controllers. If you want GPS features you could look at the Vector system which is also available on the flite test store. I use this controller on an FPV plane but is also for multi rotor. Easy to set up.
You could also use APM
I have built a Y 6 and used 20 amp ESC, 2213 935kv motors, 10x4.5 props, APM 2.6 flight controller with GPS and compass.
On it I have a 4s 4000mah battery. I haven't put on a gimbal yet but that is next. When I do I think I will purchase one ready to go.