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Control Horns


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This week the Joshes talk about trumpets and fishing? Horns and rods are mentioned but what they're referring to is control horns, and control rods. Josh Bixler shows a couple different styles of control horns, tips and techniques on how to install them properly, and explains the importance of proper alignment of your horns and rods. Josh Scott contributes this week with a musical accompaniment, as well as an excellent demonstration of a few control rod bend examples. Chad, we have some good news, and some bad news for you. The good news is you don't have to do dishes tonight...




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Took the liberty to add the Differential episode here - thats when you dont want the control horn to line up with the hinge line.
Differential can be done easy without any programming in the radio.
- By offsetting the control horn from the hinge line.
- By offsetting the control arm on the servo from the "normal" 90 degree angle - often by using the round servo "bric" with lots of holes.

Animation found on the tube
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Many people (including me) often mess up beveling the one surface out! It is just one mm and the cut ruins your control surface.

As a tip for that is using sandpaper!


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Hi guys,
A rc plane newbie here with soon to assemble Bixler. Just want to know what is the best method to mount a control horn : screw/glue/other mods etc??....


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Cut a small slit into the elevator/rudder/aileron and then slide the control horn through untile the upper part of the base rests on the control surface. It works for crashtesthobby...

Note: for foam only


I'm pretty silly about things, but I find that servo arms inserted through a control surface and glued in place with Gorilla Glue do a splendid job!

But, since you have real control horns with your Bixler, glue (the right type-Gorilla Glue is the best IMHO) will suffice. Of course, glue and screws are even better.

I've never had a control horn come detached in flight. But, a solid impact with the ground will separate one from its respective surface. Also, handling an airplane, transferring into and out of a car, etc can wreak havoc on control horns.