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Coronavirus...are you still going to fly?

Is Coronavirus going to stop you from flying?

  • Yes...gotta play it safe to protect myself and others

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  • No...no way, you can't stop me from flying!

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The AMA field where I normally fly is only a mile from my house. It is a members only field (but we are always looking for new members) so with very few active members so there really isn't any worry about catching much there. The church where we do our indoor flys has cancelled all group activities. So I'll just have to tiny whoop the yard instead.


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Hey Litterbug
I just built a new wing and want to maiden it and/or fly it this weekend. you up for a meet up at genoa middle school to fly. we can keep our social distance too.


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Sort of a take off of my other thread on Coronavirus...

It seems like each day we are hearing something new in regards to this virus and places taking measures to limit exposure. So, is this Coronavirus going to stop you from flying? Will it prevent you from flying with large groups? Do you generally fly solo anyways?
I don’t want it too but it will probably put me on unwanted leave for the time being. I’ll post more about that on my journey thread as part of a general update which hasn’t gone out in a very long while.


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As my email from the BMFA states...

Model Flying in the club environment

In general terms model flying represents a low risk activity due to the predominantly outdoor nature of the activity and the opportunity to maintain inter-personal separation.

At this time, and subject to any updated government advice/instruction, for those who are not unwell there is little reason to curtail outdoor model flying activities in the club environment. The well-being benefits provided by model flying should be balanced by the potential risk and NHS precautions should be followed.

While there is little reason to curtail normal outdoor flying activities, clubs should consider what action to take regarding indoor club meetings and any proposed or scheduled larger events they have planned which, under present guidance, may have to be cancelled or postponed.


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Hey Litterbug
I just built a new wing and want to maiden it and/or fly it this weekend. you up for a meet up at genoa middle school to fly. we can keep our social distance too.
This is plausible. Just gotta see what the weather is going to do to us. You know how it changes every 5 minutes... :-D



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I haven't been out flying lately, but it's not due to COVID-19. Southern California's been experiencing rain off and on for the past week, and the road in to the flying field is a little sketchy.

I AM a little concerned about it, though, more so for the members of my club contracting it than I am contracting it myself. The average age of our club members is 63, with many in their 70's.


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It was a great day to fly today. I was first at the field but as I was flying a few more showed up. We all pretty much stayed apart like we usually do. With only a handful of fliers there today we took turns on the flight line so every flight we had the skies to ourselves. And I got to watch a few more flights from my seat that way too. A bit of friendly commentary over each flight and I came away in a much better mood than if I had stayed home.

good day to fly.jpg


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I will continue to fly at the local fields if only to continue the instruction of my students.

If I unfortunately catch the virus:eek: there are couple of club members I would like to kiss directly on the mouth before I pass on!:whistle: I hate bullies and have spent my life fighting them so it would be a good final gesture to go out with!:mad:.

Keep safe and continue to have fun!