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Customizable (research) drones for bachelor thesis needed

Hi @ all,

I am currently working on my bachelor thesis, where I need to compare some (ready-to-fly) drones and their adaptability. So far I found the Ascending Technologies research drones http://www.asctec.de/en/asctec-research-uav/ as well as microdrones https://www.microdrones.com/en/products/ which both look pretty promising in terms of adding custom sensors and functionality.

Unfortunately, my professor would prefer at least one Open Source plattform in my comparison. So far I found ArduPilot as well as PixHawk which happen to be open source. Sadly both are just the flight computers and would need a suitable airframe and some assembling - my prof. said I should avoid those options.

So my question now is: Do you guys know any other drones, that would fit following critera:
  • Must come ready to fly
  • Must be able to add custom sensors (or custom payload in general)
  • Must be programmable in some way (via some kind of API at least)
  • (Optional, but preferably) Open Source

My thesis focuses on drones for research purposes and my institution will buy some drones based on my work, so I want to consider all options.

Thanks in advance for your help,