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DC3/C47 2 meters / 6,5 foot twin electric plane


Skill Collector
Yea, it's one thing to think "hey, this is going to have a two meter wing, that's going to be big" and a whole 'nother thing to see how massive that nacelle is in your hand. :applause:
Hi guys!
Sorry for this "little" pause but now i´m back.
I just made a verry little progress in the meantime so it didn´t made any sense for me to post it.
But let´s get started!

I started with the cowlflaps (video is still work in progress).



And after i had sucsessfully emergencylanded a Beechcraft Kingair 350i with one engine.

I continued with the servos for the elevators.



I drilled a hole into the fuselage to run the cables through and to connect the cables i added a little door at the back.
(The screws are just there to fix it for the image)




I used the table to build everything as straight as possible.


At least i´ve got a BEC from a friend of mine.


I have to use an extra powersystam for the servos because i´ve got 14 Servos, a light system and a Arduino (to manage the lights) on this plane.
If i´d use the power from the ESC it would just burn it.

I hope it was interessting for you!


Toothpick glider kid
Wow I didn't realize how many servos you were going to be running, the BEC is definitely needed. Have I said that I can't wait to see this fly yet?


Skill Collector
From some online dictionary:

The word "ditto" is commonly used as a way of saying "me too", or "I agree".

English just keeps making up words all the time. This one's got a couple decades on it. :p


Skill Collector
Wow! I forgot all about those machines - didn't know they were from the Ditto company! I remember in my elementary school we still got those purple worksheets, but the teach called them mimeographs (which according to the website is incorrect... go figure!)
Hello guys, unfortunately i became ill last week but i´ll continue the building next week.
I just wanted to tell you that i´m allive and the projekt is still going.

See you soon!
Hi guys!
I´m back again, i´ve made a little progress and i hope i can finnish this project in the next two weeks! ;)
I spend a few hours in scaling down my front profiles for the wings.


Therefore i made a kind of register and calculated different lenghs.
And it came out pretty good!





Then i removed the leadingedge and a 1cm strip of foam from the wing like i did at the inner wings.


That´s before.


And that´s after i cut of the leadingedge.

Next i made some wooden brackets and glued them to the profiles.



I also drew some lines onto my tables, which will help me to place the profiles in the right angle.
This will also help me to place the profiles in the right distance to each other.

After i had primary finished the profiles i decided to finish the elevator-servos.


As you know i already glued in the servohorns but then i ran out of glue and i had to interrupt it for a while.
I basicly just glued in the servos and layed the elevator out on my table.
I placed a powerbank and a sandingblock on the elevator so the control surfaces were as straight as posible.
I didn´t eyeballed this because i hope it will safe me a lot of trimming later.

Have a nice day!