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Depron Foam or What? I'm Confused


Concerning the three-pack of swappable planes, the Flite-Test store website says, "... all laser-cut from 5mm paper reinforced depron foam."

However, I've read at the RCGroups forums ("Where to get Depron now in the U.S.?") that the maker of Depron products is getting out of the modeling business, and Depron foam meeting strict quality-control requirements will no longer be available. Is that true? If so, what foam are the swappable kit models made from?

In one thread at these Flite-Test forums, someone said that the foam used in the kits doesn't break up, "unlike Depron foam." That statement indicates the swappable models aren't made from Depron foam.

Could someone (or some two, etc.) please clarify?



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They are made from dollar tree foam board which is about like depron only it has paper laminated on both sides. You can get it at just about any dollar tree or dollar general for $1for a 20x30 in sheet .


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Flite Test kits are made from a custom product developed for Flite Test by R.L. Adams Plastics using their Adams Readi-Board as a base


The customizations Flite Test had done to the product were to create the water resistant paper covering as an improvement over the water sucking and warping classic white stuff that is still available to buy in just about every Dollar Tree store in the US still. I believe the core foam formulation is unchanged between the two products.
Thank you for the clarification.

So, am I correct that since I removed the brown paper--both because I don't like its appearance and I wanted to reduce the weight--I should waterproof the foam in some way?

Does anyone have waterproofing suggestions (other than putting the paper back on). I've done some research on waterproofing but am always looking for other ideas.


I'm wondering if someone should modify the description of the foam at the Flite-Test store from "... all laser-cut from 5mm paper reinforced depron foam" to a more accurate statement.



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The bare foam would be waterproof, but not very rigid/strong and would need to be reinforced. Without paper, it cannot be folded like in typical FT designs.

The white DTFB is rigid/strong and is not waterproof because the white paper is not waterproof. Usually, it does not need to be reinforced in typical FT designs.

The brown "water resistant" foam board sold by FliteTest is both waterproof (resistant?) and rigid. It works great for FT designed planes.

I have only worked with the brown stuff once. I don't care for the brown color myself. Actually, I prefer Ross brand board from Walmart at .88 a sheet. It is a lower quality than the brown FT stuff, however.
On a Related Topic...

Now I understand the distinctions among some of the foam-board options.

After building the FT Flyer from the kit, I plan to scratch-build one. The kit foam, if I understand correctly, is 5mm thick. If I use Dollar-Tree foam board for the scratch-built one and I decide to remove the paper, what thickness should I buy?

Dollar-Tree foam board is actually Adams Readi-board. Flite-Test uses Adams Readi-Board Premium. To my knowledge, they are the same thickness, but Readi-Board Premium has higher quality control. Normal Readi-Board may have some waves of varying thickness lengthwise through the board.