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Dollar Tree Customer Appreciation Day!


creator of virtual planes
Sunday, November 24th, 2013.

Today I went to Dollar Tree to pick up some more foam board, of course. Right when I was done paying for it, the cashier told me that this Sunday is customer appreciation day and that they're having 10% off of your entire purchase of $10 or more.

I thought I'd be nice and give everyone the heads up. I'm unsure if you need the coupon that I was given today to actually get the discount, or if it's for everybody that comes in that day. I assume that all Dollar Tree stores are doing the customer appreciation day. My local Dollar Tree has only been open for a few months.

It looks like the only exclusions are gift cards, green dot pre-paid cards, and online orders. Which is all obvious and understandable exclusions.

10% off really isn't that much off, but if you want to stock up on foam board or where thinking of going there soon, Sunday would be your day.

For a final sarcastic side note, I'm sooo glad that my local Dollar Tree will be open on Thanksgiving. *rolls eyes* Because my ability to shop is more important than their employees' families.