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Dollar Tree Foam Airplane Challenge


Senior Member

Not another one.

Everybody and his dog has built a Dollar Tree Foam Board airplane.

But.........that's not what I said.

Get a 22" Dollar Tree foam glider and convert it to RC!


It could be as simple as a two channel yank and bank glider, or chop off the nose and add a motor and ailerons too!

The vertical stabilizer and wings are a bit thick at the control surfaces, but nothing a little sandpaper wouldn't fix.

And if you skroo it up, you're out a buck.

Watcha think? :rolleyes:



Hostage Taker of Quads
Good luck with the titian, eagle -- you'll need it. just be sure to clip it's wings.

BTW, ya'll looked at the tail alignment on it, awful lot of incidence on the h-stab . . .
thanks CraftyDan, i was thinking i could get away with velcro to hold the wings on, or maybe that in conjunction with a verticle bbq skewer going through the fuselage through the wing and out the other side of the fuselage.