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Dome for electrohub


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I just wanted to share this little find. I recently built an angled arm racing quadcopter with the electrohub like Eric Monroe's in the Naze32 setup video and really wanted to get a dome to protect the flight control board like the one Eric used. I searched online and couldn't find one with the right dimensions or that was cost effective. Randomly, I noticed my kids had a tadpole habitat with a dome that looked to be around the right size and when I placed it on the quad it fit perfectly. I checked online and the domes are available for purchase and are sold separately for $2.50 with $1.95 shipping. I ordered 4 and they arrived in 2 days from Florida and fit great.

If you are interested in ordering some just use the link below:


and purchase the Habitat Dome that shows up under the Gaf Goodies heading. If you click on the highlighted Habitat
Dome a weird pollywogs book pops up but I assure you it is the right dome. Here is what it looks like painted black on my quad and the way it comes in the mail - clear.


The actual website for the tadpole stuff is:


I hope this helps anyone who was looking for a cheap dome that fits the electrohub perfectly,



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That looks great! Very clean and well done. Are you planning to FPV it? I'd love to see how you'd set that up on there.

Next up, put a light on the top and wait for your local news to start posting 'UFO' stories on the headlines! :D (In case anyone couldn't tell, I was kidding.)


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Nice build.

I just built the same quad and love it. I was searching for a dome, too. Google found your thread for me. I started typing electrohub and it actually autocompleted by adding dome. Yes, please!

Thanks for finding (and sharing) the perfect dome. I'll definitely be ordering one. That frog place is going to start wondering why everyone needs so many replacement domes for their frog habitat.

Here's a link to my rendition of Eric's race quad. I named it the EMaaD.

BTW - I'm sure Eric would approve of your blacked out wiring. :)
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I secured mine by drilling a small pilot hole in the dome on either side, 180 degrees from one another, and screwing in a small pan head screw into the dome and a corresponding one in the electrohub. I used an O ring rubber band (or prop saver band works fine too) between the two screws and it holds the dome down and is easy to remove. See the photos. IMG_0663.jpg IMG_0664.jpg