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Help! .Dxf (Laser Cut) Griffyler's Mighty Mini Master Series Spitfire Plans


HELP! I NEED SOMEBODY! I just realized that my local library has a laser cutter. Does anybody happen to have .dxf (laser cut-able) plans for Griffyler's Mighty Mini Master Series Spitfire Plans preferably sized for an f-pack motor and esc? (20 by 30 in sheet of foam)

Thank you in advance,
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a little google work and some youtube videos and you can do it yourself pretty easy. just need a vector file, then select the line colors and set them to the cut type.

i would first confirm that the library will let you cut foam. some people are a little picky since it is possible to start a fire if your settings are not correct. i would hope the library has someone that can help you.

good luck,

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