Electrohub Alternative


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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking into building another tricopter or Y6. I wanted to use the Electrohub but it's been discontinued :cry: Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative to the Electrohub? It doesn't need to have an integrated PDB. The shape and ability to the mount the booms any way you want was the best part of it.



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Before the Electrohub was the Anycopter.

It was a 5", plywood, disk sandwich, using 1/2" square dowels for booms. I bought spare boomstick at Ace Hardware. I built and rebuilt mine and eventually gave it to a school. Many hobby shops and craft shops sell 1/4" plywood. If you can handle soldering a wiring harness using 14awg wire, it's probably the cheapest quad you can build.

When you buy plywood make sure it is free of knots and gaps. When you buy boomstick make sure it isn't warped and buy spares. When you drill holes, make them straight through booms and evenly spaced on plywood.

One of the beauties of such a system is your ability to control the length of the booms. Longer make for more stable copters and can accommodate longer props (within reason). Shorter makes for a quicker, more twitchy copter for shorter props and higher KV motors. If you go long props and low KV motors be sure your booms and how you mount the booms can take the torque.


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You can also use pretty much any of the matek pdbs as well and that will give you built in osd with current sensing depending on which one you get. Pretty sure your not gonna be pulling 120 amps like I do hehe so doubling two motors onto two of the power pads would be a non issue I would think. If you will be pulling more then 35 amps per pad then paralleling two boards would be easy enough just to be safe.