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ESC/ FC issues

Hi guys,
I've just finished my first build using the ft 210 frame, emax 2204-2300kv motors, emax 12a bheli escs, powerosd, X-racer F303, and turnigy i6 receiver.
So when I went to program the escs on beta flight I couldn't get them to do anything, no beeps when I plug the battery in or anything. I also don't get any beeps when I just plug the battery in alone, the red led on the bottom of the escs all light up tho. Oddly though, when if I calibrate the accelerometer with the battery plugged in some of the motor just start spinning. I also found if I plug the battery in with out power to the FC then power up the FC I get the normal start beeping tones but the all the motors just start up and I have no control over them with my radio. I went through and checked my solder joints and everything seems okay, but I have no idea what is wrong with my FC/ escs.

Any help would be appreciated.