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Esc Problem - No Power???!?!

Hey guys!

So the other day my ESC came to a very hot and sputtering stop. So I decided to get a new Plush 30A ESC to replace it. After much foam carving to get at my bixler's connections, I finally replaced the ESC. I plugged it into the receiver and into the motor to give it a test. However, after plugging in my battery, I immediately noticed that there was no beeps. I gave a bit of throttle... nothing. I checked for a red light on the receiver... nothing. I then plugged my old ESC back into everything and tried it and it worked. Plugged new ESC in... nothing.

I opened up the heat shrink to look at the solder joints for the battery connector. Everything seemed fine. There is a picture below.

Is my ESC dead??? Can I fix this???

Thanks for your help!



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I'm not sure this is correct but I remember something about plugging in at full throttle first then backing it off to zero throttle to set the esc


Flite Test Groupie
Check to make sure you are getting power to the board from your battery leads. Could be the xt60 plug/ solder.
Should power receiver even if throttle end points are not set.