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Flite Fest 2019 Veterans Airshow

Are you in?

  • 100%, I'm in!

    Votes: 6 24.0%
  • If I'm there I'll try my best

    Votes: 9 36.0%
  • I can't go to the event but support the idea

    Votes: 10 40.0%
  • This is a terrible idea

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Airplane crasher
PlanesGuy888 - Piper L4 Grasshopper FFAS'19
I chose to build this plane because the cub is a proven gentle flyer(my flying skills are less than superb) and it is relatively simple in design and paint. I have designed my own L4 which is about 170% the size of the FT Cub. It is not yet finished and I am on a time crunch to finish it on time but it will be close. If I finish in time I hope to paint it in the "Rosie the Rocketer" scheme.


Toothpick glider kid
Alright guys so we have a little under a week until flite fest! I don't know about you but I'm really excited for the second installment of the veterans airshow. I made a discord for better organizing the event this year and here is a link for those who haven't gotten it yet.


The event itself will most likely be on Friday or Saturday evening and I will schedule a meetup using the discord server mentioned above. I can not wait for another awesome airshow this year!


WWII fanatic
I'm in,
I don't have the plane ready, yet. It just needs a bit more sanding and some paint but it flies.

I won't have internet at FF so is there any other way I can get notified when it's starting?
I'm leaving the the Motor, ESC, and Servos in the plane, is that alright?


Toothpick glider kid
Alright guys I will be heading down tomorrow morning to help with set up of the event. As for scheduling @Grifflyer I can use phone numbers along with discord to organize. I would also like to have us all meet Thursday or Friday night at my campsite for an airshow dinner. I I should have enough brats for everyone who is in the show 😉


Well-known member
Lol it didn't make it to FF, something about fireworks and recreating DDay on July 4th kinda brought it down lol. The Waco is good still. But really Niez13 designed a far superior C-47 that looks fantastic
Thats rough, any video? I kinda want to see what that looked like.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
@Zephyr1 there was an active forum member that had built a beautiful DC-3 with paratroopers. I wanted to see if I could look up the plans. I and BLANKING on the member's name but I KNOW we've all done contests toether


Well-known member