Flite Fest 2020 CANCELLED


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Not a religious person at all...i actually despise superstition...but to be honest, church at Flite Fest is something I look forward to all year. First church i have been into in over 20 years. If you come to Flite Fest come to the Sunday service. My fellow volunteer friend Joe turned me onto it and i sure appreciate it.
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Every year the way FPV flight is handled changes. I am going to reach out and see if we can get information up front as to the intended FPV schedule and procedures.

Best policy would be to make sure all your FPV transmitters are set off or unplugged from your models before heading to Flite Fest. We don't want to accidentally plug in and stomp on sombody in the air.



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Do we know if they've changed the electric-only rule yet?

On the subject of Edgewater, I wonder if they'll even be able to fly there since they'll be putting the golfers in "danger"
My understanding is, yeah, 'cause they'll phase the golfing out entirely soon enough.